hurry up and wait

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Someone told us at the very beginning (like still trying to even find an agency beginning) that the adoption process was a lot of hurry up and wait. At the time I laughed, I could see it, but I really didn’t know. Now, only in the later beginning stages, I am beginning to understand what they mean. Today we were officially welcomed into the 4th of 7 steps that proceed getting that little baby in my arms…almost 3 weeks after we finished the 3rd step. I know 3 weeks doesn’t really seem like that long, but when you’ve been stressing over completing a giant packet of information asking for your life history as quickly as you can…well waiting almost 3 weeks to see if you’ve even been approved to move to the next step is FOREVER.

But we are now officialy on to the next set of…wait for it…paperwork! The joy! Seriously though, I do feel joy over the 30+ documents waiting in our adoption portal. I am aware this makes me seem crazy. Crazy I am, and I’m ok with that.

Now the money for this stage had already been provided when we refinanced our condo. We thought we were paying for the insurance and had set aside the money and discovered a month later it had been paid by the lender at closing, yay! We were super excited. It was almost exactly the amount we needed, and we’ve been looking for how God was going to provide. First provision, check.

So there sits the money while we hurry up and wait, and then last week happens. Our management company for said condo decided they were going to repair something on the condo that was the responsibility of the HOA, and then billed us for it. It was also almost the exact amount we had waiting in that account. I’ve always felt I had a bit of an optimistic bent to my realism, but when I saw that invoice the first thing I said was “well there goes the adoption money, we’re never getting that back.” Slap my mouth, I figured we figure it out, but I was not hopeful.

Then this morning we are accepted into the next stage, and the money is due. I woke up from my nap this afternoon to a text from Bycemaster asking what I thought of the emails from our management company. Honestly, I groaned and considered putting it off, I was still a bit groggy and didn’t want to fight the defeated feeling the whole situation was already giving me. I’m so glad I just did it. Our money is being refunded! The management company and the HOA both PLEASANTLY (big deal for someone who tenses over the littlest bit of dissension) worked together to rectify the situation. It was such an absolutely unbelievable resolution for me that I started crying. I really didn’t even consider that it would happen, and it’s done, like that.

And with that, we move on to the next stage :)

music of the gods

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Oh blessed music. Neil’s new phone came Friday. This morning I finally took the time to download an album and Nike+ and took it on a run. I swear I was actually smiling (while running!) for the first mile or more. It was amazing! The first few miles were so fast (for me!) I ended the last mile and a half with a serious stitch, but it was totally worth it. In a somewhat unrelated note, I’m finding there are actually some benefits to morning runs. I have an extra evening free when I do a morning run, there are less creepers out in the morning, this time of year it’s actually cooler in the morning and for some stupid reason an extra hour of sleep before midnight seems to count more than the extra hour in the morning. Of course getting up in the dark, being so tired earlier in the day, not stretching as well (I’m already up too early!), and being slower than evenings still sucks. Worst of all is the insane mental hurdle to getting out in the morning, but that does lend itself to a superwoman pay off at the end.

I’m elatedly happy and beginning to feel my early morning already, so it’s time to sign off! Till next time my fellow running crazies and aspiring crazies.

Day 34 of the experiement

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I am still smart phoneless, though the dumb phone is still in operation. In fact I’ve even figured out how to add and delete contacts! I am high tech ya know. While it does not seem as though it’s always been this way, it has not been near as hard as imagined. I’m actually still enjoying being untethered, I still feel free and at peace and more engaged in whatever it is I/we are doing.

I do, however, miss my camera. That has been a reoccurring theme, and even though I feel more present in the memories than I used to, there are sometimes I really wish I could have caught the memory. The big camera is just not as easy for me to cart around, it feels awkward, though I suppose that could be mostly in my head.

The children are still annoyed I steal “their” iPad to read my books on. I am still annoyed they run the battery down to the ground every time they use it and then leave it right next to the charger, NOT PLUGGED IN! So I guess we’re even.

Unrelated note, the paperwork for the adoption looked easy, until I actually LOOKED at it. Talk about digging up every bit of information about us, I don’t even know where to find some of this stuff. Trying not to daunted, it’s partially working.

the journey begins

•August 24, 2014 • 3 Comments

I feel there is so much to say on this post that a million could not possibly contain it all. So I’ve decided to brief, well brief for me, which admittedly is not brief, but briefer. So I’ve decided to briefer!

We are adopting! The open house is done, the initial application has been submitted and we are approved by the director to continue! It is a long journey and an expensive one (yikes!), but we are thrilled to be beginning it. We sat down and made our plan and are excited to see how God is going to fill in the gaps. If you’ll forgive me a little charismatic lingo here, we are starting one of the biggest faith journeys we’ve ever been on. It’s little scary and a lot exciting, and I for one am looking forward to sharing it all with everyone. I am so excited some day I feel I will literally burst :)

When we were first pregnant our midwifes told us, DO NOT WATCH A BABY STORY! There was no place for trauma, fear, extreme circumstances, and general horror stories if you were out for a peaceful pregnancy and birth. So with that philosophy in mind, we would LOVE to hear your adoption stories or those of your loved ones! Just please no horror stories (we know there out there, and we’ve chosen to do this anyway).

Hey lookie there, that might have actually qualified for real brief, maybe.

quick update on day 15 of the experiement

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My phone number is attached to a working phone again. It is a super fancy new Motorola Razr flip phone, except not as new or as fancy as the one I linked. Anybody remember those? The guy who switched my number at the AT&T store, while being totally incredulous that I was going from a iPhone 5c to Razr, was quite nostalgic over the awesomeness of my new retro phone. He used to LOVE my phone guys, focus on the love, not the used to, ahem. Anyway we switched the number on Sunday and I have received a total of 4 text messages, 3 of which were from AT&T requesting feedback on my service and 1 phone call, which was a wrong number. I initiated 1 text, in response to the 1 text that was not spam. I clearly missed the phone function. But if you had my number and you want to call me, you can! I still probably won’t answer, because let’s be honest, in a house full of kids, I rarely ever did anyway. But I’ll see that you called and text you back…from the iPad! I never texted much before my iPhone days, I am remembering why. But you can text me! I’ll see it, you’ll just never know, cause I probably won’t respond! See how much better this is than me having no phone? But the upside is, I no longer have to pay for a data plan, because even with a dead phone, the data plan must exist, until my line had a dumb phone attached. So I am extremely grateful for my dumb phone, seriously, thank you to the friend that gave it (you know who you are!)

So the synopsis is, I can now make an emergency call to Bycemaster and not have to bother our 911 peeps. It’s also cheaper for me, and not so different for you! Sorry for all the people that feel inconvenienced by my no smart phone status (whose names I will omit to protect the innocent (I’m using innocent loosely here)). Also there’s been at least one instance where I missed the camera on my phone, and multiple instances where my children did. Who knew they were so attached to being photographed? I’m also beginning to sorely miss my music on my runs, they are endurable, but I want to fly, not endure.

That is all.

day 7 of the experiement

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I am one week in to phone-less living, and I’m doing just fine. The world around me however, is not. I had never considered how annoyed everyone else would be that I didn’t have a phone. My poor husband has been working on my phone for a week trying to revive it. He’s opened it up, swabbed up all remaining water, cleaned with alcohol, and has now ordered a new battery, fairly convinced this is all that’s needed. We shall see. Everyone else just seems highly concerned or surprised or down right shocked. I suppose a few months ago, I probably would have been too.

I, however, have greatly enjoyed my phone free existence so far. There are so many less distractions during the day. Not knowing the time when out makes me feel like we’re in the real south, and life moves slow. We rarely have to be somewhere at an exact time and heading outside until we’re done instead of for an arbitrary time is nice. Running without music has not been as bad as I had thought, granted I’m still in low mile phase of training, but still, not that bad. I just set a timer when I leave and run I route I know the miles for and viola, I have all I need to add miles to my app on the ipad. I almost feel I push myself more without the constant stats, though I really do enjoy them!

But you know the greatest stress relief about it all. I can’t break it again! I feel like I’ve been living in a constant state of paranoia since the first break, I’d never really experienced that before. Having no phone issues for all those years had left me in an innocent state of bliss. That innocence is gone, and it was replaced with a low grade constant state of “where’s my phone?” Not having it all, has been amazingly peaceful.

So that’s been my week in a nutshell. I have a feeling my phone free time is about to end. If I’m complete honest, I’m a little resentful that it is probably coming back so soon. But I’ll have to work on someway to mitigate that. Till next time!

and the rain came down part 2

•August 6, 2014 • 5 Comments

So I put off taking the phone out of the bag for just shy of 40 hours. I would have left it longer, the longer it’s in there, the longer I can hold onto the inane hope that it will start again. But Neil ripped the band aid this morning, and it’s gone. Surprise.

I’d already decided it will not be replaced with another smart phone, dumb phone, maybe, smart phone, no. I probably should have made this decision a few fixes ago, hindsight is 20/20. Neil is getting the latest iPhone when it comes out, in less than two months, at which point I can have his current one. I’m tempted to do without a phone till then. We’ll call it a modern day social experiment! We have an old, old, old iPhone, I would still have that for 911. I have facetime on the iPad. I mean when I was making a list (yes I actually made a list) of things I’d need to do without my phone, making calls didn’t even occur to me till #15

1. tell time outside – watch (would need to replace batteries or buy a working one)
2. period tracker (sorry guys, but this is essential!) – regular old X on the calendar (to later be confused with our X on the calendar for school days!)
3. couponing apps – Neil’s phone or iPad (thankfully I’d just submitted all my current stuff this weekend)
4. runs – le sigh, old school here will be hard, map miles before, add to website, music (I don’t know if I want to walk on the dark side here, can I run without music?!!?)
5. publix ad – iPad again, been making this switch anyway
6. Bible – it’s been a lot of years, but I could go paper again
7. ereader – this one will be hard, but I can steal the iPad from the children (Jena, reading over my shoulder as I write, gave audible protest to this one)
8. weather – it’s summer, the weather will be the same for another two months, my addiction won’t return till fall
9. music – computer for home, and I guess we’ll be all Story of the World audio for the car, 19 hours of fun!
10. facebook – computer
11. camera – been wanting to use the real one more anyway
12. gps – yeah i’m pretty much screwed here, no new places without Neil!?
13. banking – computer
14. texting – iPad when home, when out, screwed again
15. phone – family and friends can skype or facetime with the iPad, thank God the mortgage is done

So there’s my list, with comments, of course (who would I be without comments!). Am I forgetting something vital? I feel like I hit most of the things I use daily on my phone. Since I mostly work at home, this seems like it will be mostly a non-issue. However, when I leave the house, things start to get problematic. Granted I’ve gone months without leaving before, you can reference here and here to see why I was stuck in the house for almost 5 months. I’m not certain this situation calls for another house arrest. Perhaps a new places house arrest? Am I taking the social experiment too far? Perhaps, but the thought of making this some sort of experiment is actually somewhat exciting, I mean, I am nerdy like that. I need something to make me excited about this people. It sounds kinda freeing, to not have a phone for a while. I’ll have to relearn a whole different way of doing things. I’ll be a pioneer! (kidding, kidding, I know not having a smart phone is not the same as being a pioneer….) However, I am sure there are less extreme versions of the social experiment that would be acceptable as well.

So that’s where you all come in, help! Suggestions? Am I completely overlooking something major in my post phone traumatic state here? (not to be confused with real traumatic stress, you know, that actually matters) What do I have for options? Do you want to see the social experiment? Do you want to give me a phone? (kidding, kidding, maybe) Do you want to give me encouragement? (yes I know you do, so please do so, out loud, that’s why I love you people) So do what you all are so good at, help me please!


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