That’s right, I DON’T. I’ve got outlook reminders set up for everything from meetings to sending an e-mail, I leave notes on my Facebook, send myself e-mails, and have lists on every imaginable square inch of free space. Why? Because I don’t remember things.

So if you need something and you tell me, consider it forgotten. Unless it makes it somewhere other than my brain there’s a slim to none chance your going to get it from me. I may remember it someday, next year….at 4 in the morning. But really, what good is that going to do any of us?

But I no longer feel bad about this, I read an article ummm…last week…week before…I don’t remember, about the importance of forgetting for our brain’s functionality. So the way I see it I’ve simply been Refining my brain power all these years. Kids did not eat my brain they simply made it more efficient! Yeah that’s it! More Efficient!

It was really quite a fascinating article, not that I remember much of it, but I do remember the feeling of fascination and satisfaction. I would love to have linked to it for all of you to enjoy, but you see I have such a highly efficient brain that I simply cannot remember where I found it. Though it’s probably pretty safe to say the trail started with Facebook. Anybody want to help out here?

So there you have it. My Final answer. NO. I do not remember things. It’s a product of my highly powered brain functionality at work. We should all be so lucky.