‘Twas the eve of my birthday and all through the store

People were shopping the IKEA eye sore

Curtains were hung by employees with care

In hopes that a manager soon would be there

Ok, that sucks, I’m stopping now. But even my awful poem couldn’t kill the satisfaction I have from all the deals I got today at IKEA. I don’t even like to shop, but how can you hate buying bathroom accessories for 99cents (did you know the cent symbol is not even on the keyboard, what’s up with THAT?!?), tea kettles for $8, and kitchen chairs for $20? How can you? How?!? You cannot, I say.

Such deals, and with someone elses money, it is WIN-WIN I tell you! I got stuff for the kitchen, stuff for the bathroom, stuff for the closet, more stuff for the kitchen and a Christmas gift for someone else to boot! All for pennies, mere Pennies! Well not really, pennies don’t buy anything anymore, they’re not even worth the copper they’re printed on and should just be discontinued already…but I digress. Point: IKEA ROCKS!!! End of story.