Yes, in case you somehow managed to not hear, today is my birthday. And I’m warning you ahead of time, I’m feeling gushy grateful not overly writerly (I made up a word!) creative, you’ll just have to take this for what it is!

Thanks to the wonderful wonders of facebook I did not have to be insanely obnoxious about my birthday to receive all the attention in the world today. Oh wonderful facebook, you allow me to once again be a decent human being and still getting 8 MILLION Happy Birthday wishes. You remind for me all my friends (at least the regular facebook addicts) of my birthday days ahead of time, and continue to remind them unobtrusively every time they log on until the wonderful anniversary of my birth arrives. Today I appreciated the fact that my entire office building is on facebook. Even people I passed in the halls, knew it was my birthday, it was truly great.

Everyone needs at least one day a year that’s all about them, and today was mine. I feel good and appreciated and it’s all because of you my friends! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making my birthday so wonderful. You all even started early yesterday! Which was a great idea that hadn’t even occurred to me to do (what does that say about me…oh boy…let’s not go there, it’s my birthday!)

And to all of you in the building who willingly or grudgingly brought me one of a MILLION little notecards from my wonderful husband today, thank you as well! It was nice to see all your smiling faces even amongst the grumbled “I don’t even know what I’m doing, but Happy Birthday” And Nadine! My first singing birthday telegram, WOW!

You are all so special and I love you all, especially my wonderful husband who from breakfast in bed (well almost) to delivered flowers filled my day with thoughtful little birthday surprises. Thank you all, I love you!