Oh the mighty power of Cheerios. If only all the world knew of your wonders. We could usher a new era of peace on earth, with this little O. We could even do it economically, and use toasted oats. The children, they do not know the difference….they only think they do.

I can still remember mealtimes before the Cherrio. They haunt my dreams. The screaming! The shrieking! Make it stop! But now, simply sprinkle a few Cheerios on the tray, turn away and peacefully eat your HOT meal. That’s right I eat hot meals now, aren’t you jealous. No more screaming, your mouth is full! No more shrieking because YES! you can feed yourself. 

Mothers (and fathers) can now enjoy hot meals with relative peace and quite which means less psycho outbursts when your children step on your last nerve 10 times, which means less adult screaming and other harmful activities to young delicate psyches, which means less grown up kids with insane control issues (aka dictators), which means less crazy countries making each other mad, which means less war, CLEARLY.

So here’s to you Cheerio! May you someday discover your true marketing potential and start your world wide campaign because peace on earth, good will toward men starts in my kitchen.