So we have air purifiers in both bedrooms. Not really so much ’cause I’m a freak about that kinda stuff, though it started that way. The fact that I haven’t changed either filter in probably a year, should tell you it’s not really the clean air I’m after anymore. Now it’s the noise. They make an insane amount of noise. Which bugged me at first, but once we had kids we realized it served as a kind of white noise maker when the kids are sleeping. It’s really amazing. You put one of them on and you can’t hear much of anything going on in the rest of the house. We live in close quarters, this is essential.

So I’m taking a nap this afternoon, as the plague has overtaken me sometime in the night and I need sleep. In my dazed state I hear Grant. He comes in the door and says something unintelligible and then there’s this horrible noise. I realize it’s coming from the air purifier and jump up to turn it off. 

After I mentally wake up a bit, I go back to the room and look at the air purifier. My son comes up to me very concerned. I’m thinking wow he knows he broke something, he’s remorseful. Nope he tells me he’s concerned about his hamburger. This makes no sense to me so I press him further. What’s wrong with your hamburger? It’s then I realize he’s trying to tell me his hamburger is in the air purifier. That would be his favorite thing to cook on his little grill. Since we all know the most appropriate place for a hamburger is down the vent of an air purifier. It makes perfect sense to me.

No need to worry though, mom was able to take the purifier apart and save the hamburger. Go mom. The much more expensive and essential air purifier was not so fortunate.