So on our regular morning route we pass this amazing yard. I’m sure there’s a house behind it too, but to be honest, I’ve never looked past the yard to see it. It’s on the edge of the water on a curving tree lined street, and it looks perfect ALL THE TIME.

It’s one of those multi-level yards, complete with plants throughout. The elaborateness of the landscaping makes me wonder how they mow. Then I realized, I’ve never seen it mowed. I know what you’re thinking, but we drive by this house a lot, every weekday, multiple times a day, and on weekends at random times all during the day. At some point, you’d think, I’d at least see evidence of mowing. I’ve seen nothing, nothing. I’ve seen a lady picking leaves off the grass with her hands, but no mowing. Yet miraculously, it always looks perfect, never long, never brown, perfect. 

Then it hit me. It’s FAKE. There is no other logical explanation for it. I swear to you their grass NEVER grows. There is no way someone is picking up a mower and carrying it to all those little islands of grass on all their individual hills as often as they’d have to to keep it looking like that. Why would you hand pick up leaves anyway? Because you can’t use a rake on fake grass, that’s why! And there you have it, mystery solved. It’s fake grass. Elementary my dear Watson.