So every night we read Grant two bedtime stories, and we let him pick which two. He recently got a new Thomas book, so can you guess what one of those has been for the last two weeks? That’d be the new Thomas book. Surely you know Thomas, Thomas the Tank Engine, he has train friends named James and Percy, and a helicopter aquiantence named Harold, and they all live in our house with 800 versions of Thomas…please tell me I’m not the only one subjected to this…

To restate the obvious, Grant LOVES Thomas.  Mommy, on the other hand, not so much. The Thomas book is decent enough, I guess. It’s just really long, and about Thomas. So when it’s been a long day already….I skip pages. Don’t judge, you know you do it too. Having driven from Gainesville to Orlando with both children, today qualified as a long day. So I proceed to cleverly turn two pages instead of one, and happily notice that it doesn’t even disrupt the story, score.

‘Mavis,’ at least I think that’s what he said…he’s chewing on his fingers again…it was muffled…I pretend I didn’t hear and read on about Harold, Grant’s latest favorite, hoping he’ll be distracted. Two sentences in, he removes his fingers and I clearly hear…’Mavis Mommy, where’s Mavis?’ Can you guess who was on the page I skipped…Mavis. How did he know that? I didn’t know that.

The kid’s on to me, my gig is up.