So I’ve decided the next series of posts will be on the gifts of the season. I promise I will not tell you of them all, even though we did cut it down to just three Christmases this year. I wouldn’t want to bore you, or myself for that matter. So I will limit myself to some yet to be determined number of gifts that will be at least two less than the total received.

Gift number one was from my mother, at Christmas number two, and it was, you ready for this? An Obama angel for the Christmas tree.

Now I feel this gift needs a bit of history to be fully appreciated. This year I had told myself and my family that whoever I decided to vote for, I was not going to tell them. It was simply too polorized of an election.  As many of you have already guessed, I did not keep my vow…and my family doesn’t read this blog anyway. So here it is…I voted for Obama.

The day after the election my mother was practically in tears over the fate of our country, as it was common knowledge that Obama was certain to usher in the end of the world. Now I was not a feverent Obama supporter, I’m glad that he won, I did vote for him, but it really felt more like voting for the lesser of two evils this election than anything else. So to ease her fears I told her that her overly rational and highly beloved daugher voted for Obama. And then tried to assure her that he was indeed NOT  the anti-christ. After she got over her shock, which lasted for days, she tells me she is going to try to like Obama (I can barely even say his name….she tells me)…after all he is our President.

So for Christmas she gives me a little black naked cherb angel ornament and proudly proclaims it is an Obama angel, to show her support of me and Obama. How a naked angel ornament supports Obama I’ll never know, but she was quite proud of her creativity…and Lord help her, she’s trying.

On a side note…my son enjoyed the gift. He went around all morning carrying the ornament and telling me “little boy clothes off momma” and “no clothes poo poo.”