So for the second gift of the season I choose Grant’s new Thomas Lighthouse. If you’ve read many of these entries, you know my son is in love with Thomas . That’s a link by the way, click on it…I just learned how to do that 🙂

This is an obsession fueled by my husband and his parents, as such do you think Grant got more Thomas at the Byce Christmas? You bet he did. He got a lighthouse and bridge combo complete with Bulstrode  (another fun link…you know you’re dying to see what Bulstrode looks like). I was going to describe it myself but decided I couldn’t top this ad I found online (only some emphasis added).

“A must-have for any Thomas enthusiast! Raise drawbridge so boats can pass through below. The Sights & Sounds Lighthouse Bridge is ACTION-PACKED, featuring a working drawbridge, roating lights, realistic wharf SOUNDS and Bulstrode, a classic character on Sodor as seen in “Special Attraction” story. Includes 2″ adapter track piece. Requires two AA bateries.”

Below is a coversation with my very own Thomas Enthusiast, the morning after Christmas….

Foghorn sounds

Grant: What’s dat mama?!?!

Me: It’s a foghorn, remember from your Thomas book?

Grant: Yhea!

birds and harbor bells sounds

Grant: What’s dat mama?!?!

Me: Those are bells

foghorn sounds again

Grant: What’s dat mama?!?!

Me: That’s still a foghorn Grant

birds and bell sound

Grant: What’s dat mama?!?!

Me: Those are bells

Grant: BIRDS!! Momma, those are Birds!

Who knew birds would be so insanely exciting.