Ok so I was going to do a series of gift posts, and I’ve decided the series is over. Two can be called a series…right? Even though you’ll be missing out on the infamous “BYCEMASTER” shirt and various other equally as entertaining gifts…you don’t really know what you’re mising, so don’t feel bad. I know, I’ll feel bad for you. 

So I’ve been purging stuff all week, I think that’s why I don’t really feel like talking about stuff that was brought into my home. I’d rather be thinking about the boxes of stuff I gave away and the bags of things I trashed. It makes me feel good. I wish I had a really big scale so I could say I got X amount of poundage out of my life…it’s a strange wish…I know, but it would make me happy. Of course I would only want to borrow this ginormous scale or that would actually be bringing poundage back into my life…and that wouldn’t do.

I feel alive again. I’m in love with my life and in love with home, and I’m really diggin my closet right now….I actually leave the doors open on purpose. Oh and did I mention I can see my baseboards now? In EVERY room in the house. I’ve always had a thing for baseboards…don’t tell Neil. Next step…storage closet!