So I got this new book for Christmas Nobody Cares What you Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for your Blog by Maggie Mason of (good blog by the way). Anyway she says I should expose myself, catalog things, share old notes, lists, things in your purse. These are things I would NEVER ordinarily do…but she’s the expert, right?

So in my recent purging spree I’ve come accross all sorts of junk…and notebooks…endless amounts of notebooks. I like to think this is because I’m a writer…really it’s just because I’m a list writer. I found lists for everything: school, work, wedding plans, personal goals, shopping lists…all in the same notebook no less. I figure some of this is bound to fit Maggie’s definition of a good post…so I start flipping. 

I found one wish list. Only one because I don’t make wish lists. It’s from 2002. I’ve included it below…with running commentary…because I can’t help myself. 

Wish List – 8-30-2002

fishnets – (these would still be in my drawer, can’t bear to get rid of them…and they don’t take up much space, I mean they are full of holes) – check

velvet skirt (I can only assume this is a particularly expensive skirt from Hot Topic I had my eye on forever and was too cheap to buy) – no check

something misspelled and scratched out that I can’t really read starts with a C ends with an R…guesses anyone?

boots – (I very clearly remember these boots and again my inborn cheapness that would not allow me to buy them…even though I REALLY wanted them…sigh) no check

bracelets (no clue here) – no check

black paint (this was for my ‘poster wall’ in my apartment bedroom. It has travelled with me to every home since adorning at least one wall of our bedroom….it was my first bucket of paint that was not opps paint…and thus full price…I defeated the cheapness, I’m proud of 2002 me) – check

new tongue ring (my sister bought a two pack and gave me the second) – check

belly ring (also my sister’s doing…though I will not blame her for the lovely butterfly shaped scar on my stomach from being pregnant with it in….oh so attractive let me tell you) – check

sandles (yes I know it’s spelled wrong…I’m being authentic here…there was no spell check on my steno pad) – no check

new underwear (I plead the fifth) – check

Neil – check