insert spoon of baby food in mouth…hmm…this is going better than anticipated…it’s still in her mouth, let’s try another.

insert second spoon of baby food in mouth, not as happy about that one, but still eating…if I can only get half a jar in her we’ll both sleep tonight.

insert third spoon of baby food in mouth, WAAAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAA, waterfall of drool and baby food cascades down her chin and onto her dress…ok so she realized what was happening…quick sippy cup.

possessively clutches sippy cup to her chest and drinks.

I take a chance and slip in a fourth spoon between sips…it’s accepted…swallowed…then WAAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAAAA, WAAAAAA

What’s going on in there? Neil asks from the other room.

Nothing I call, and slip in another spoonful amidst the screaming, quick sippy cup again. Tears stop running down her cheeks, hands come out, GIVE ME THAT CUP MAMA, is what she says next, another possessive swig of the water. My tired brain contemplates what I could possibly put in that water…is protein powder safe for babies? didn’t I see some commercial for enriched water…I vaguely remember crackin on something like that…what I’d give for some of that now…

I slip in another spoonful…WAAAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAAAAAA, WAAAAAAAAAA…a runny mixture of food, drool and tears pours down her face… crap not even gettin the first one in now.

TEETHING TABLETS! I run to the cupboard. Shaking the bottle, I see her face light up as she dutifully opens her mouth and accepts the three little tablets one at a time. Peace, I feel my body relax. The last one dissolves.


I give up.