So I’m frustrated and what better place to take out a bit of frustration than on you my silent readers! I know you’re there, I have stats! And even in your silence you comfort me.

And I’m warning you now, I’m in no mood to edit tonight. You’ll just have to take it as is.

So I was writing a message in facebook tonight, before putting the kids to bed. I didn’t get a chance to finish it, so I copied it and closed the computer. I copied it, because I know facebook to be spastic, we are intimately acquainted.

After bedtime I come back to facebook to finish my message. It is gone as I suspected it would be. While I congratulate myself on my foresight, I figure I’ll read the messages in my inbox first, harmless enough. So I read the first one, it’s funny, I must respond, again harmless enough. It asks me to link a picture, so I send off the message first (again…I know facebook would lose this message if I went searching for the picture before sending the message). I then go looking for the picture, at this point I’m already past thinking ‘what’s the harm’ to not even thinking. I find this great picture, hilarious running commentary, I must send this one. I copy the link and ‘link’ it to the message. I’ve never done that before, I’m pretty sure it even worked, I feel proud of my new accomplishment. That was short lived.

I send off the message and prepare to finish the one I started earlier. I open a new message and ctrl-v….and what do I see? I’m sure you saw this coming hours before I did. I about shot myself when I saw that stupid picture link pop up in the message instead of the pages I had agonized over for hours before bedtime, ok paragraphs I had agonized over. Ok so I hadn’t even given it a once over and it took me 5 minutes to write, but it was still gone..gone I tell you!

So to console myself I decided I will write on the couch tonight, instead of the cold hard stool. I’m still sick (why I haven’t posted btw), I deserve a little comfort. So I move the laptop to the couch and plug it in. Except our laptop is totally ghetto (thank you children) and hasn’t been moved from it’s previous location in weeks because trying to get the power cord to actually connect is a nightmare. So here I sit after 13 mins of wiggling and moving, unplugging and replugging, with the battery sitting ontop of the cord to wiegh it into just the right posistion, the battery from my work laptop (which I of course left at work today) leaned onto the first battery at just the right angle so as to keep the previously mentioned battery in place. I’m trying to type as lightly as I can, becaues if I jar it too much the whole contraption falls apart and my screen starts to go dim and I know I’m losing power and it’s only a matter of time before I’m cut off.

But all that said, I feel much better now.