So I’m sensing sleep is a recurring theme here. Or maybe it’s just the recurring theme of the posts I’ve been writing in my head the last two weeks, which I haven’t written because I haven’t gotten any, sleep that is.

This morning was typical Saturday. Jena wakes up around 4/5 AM for her morning feeding, and I will with everything in me that both the kids decide to sleep till 7 today. I just want to see daylight the next time I open my eyes, I feel this is a reasonable request. Around 6:15, I hear the door bang open followed by little feet – I freeze – a minute later the door shuts…I hear nothing, and blissfully drift back to sleep.

Sometime later Grant comes in, now FULLY awake and ignoring all my attempts to sush him before he wakes his sister. Within minutes, his mission is accomplished and Jena fumbles her way into a sitting position. Upon seeing her brother, she breaks into a huge grin only reinforcing the mayhem from her brother that woke her.

Commence round 1. Grant joins the over-crowded bed…exciting Jena who plays the drums on everything (read: my face) when excited. Mid drum sequence she gets distracted by my hair. Grant promptly switches into parent mode “don’t pull momma hair Jena!” and when that doesn’t work proceeds to use his foot to move her hand from my face…I am saved.

Mind you, through this all Neil and I are doing our best to play dead. It’s some kind of inane instinct adapted from our animal friends to ward off predators. I can’t imagine that it works any better for them than it does for us, but we persist nonetheless. Because even if they don’t go away, if I’m in bed and still I’m sleeping in…right? However when bony knee meets exposed rib I can’t help but react. Upon hearing my scream, Grant is immediately repentant, “SORRY MOMMA!!” is sorrowfully screamed in my ear…what a polite child I’m raising.

Inevitably after 30-45 minutes of this one of us will get up and strap them in front of the TV so we can sleep another 30 mins (don’t judge me). As I’m being pummelled and scratched and screamed at each week I wonder, is the illusion of sleeping in really worth all this? The answer: yes, yes it is.