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February 2009

super exicted

Ok so this has to be quick, I only have break time, but I can’t wait to post because I’m sooooo  excited!!!!!!

The midwife I wanted, the one with the beautiful website and the gorgeous birth center, just so happens to be starting to do home births again. Just so happens, in the next few weeks. I can’t believe it. I’m in shock, ecstatic shock, giddy shock. I’m so excited I’m finding it hard to sit still. I feel like a kid in a candy store…except that I didn’t like candy as a kid and would probably have been sick just from the smell if I had walked into one…ok so maybe that was a bad analogy, but I don’t have time to edit so you’ll have to deal with it!

Now I fully understand that she could still be some crazy two headed monster that bites my head off at my first crazy question on her philosophy of birth. I mean I haven’t even met her yet and not everyone gets a long with everyone. I get that I still have insurance issues to work out. I understand the REALITY of this situation, I know insurance companies are more often than not two headed monsters that crush the hopes and dreams of people everywhere (ok maybe that’s a bit harsh) and I know the midwife may not be everything I’ve dreamed her to be when I meet her in person.

BUT I am currently choosing to ignore that reality and ride this high until it gets higher and everything is wonderful or I chrash and burn. Depending on the midwives unlikely two head status and an insurance company’s almost certain two headed status. 

I know my risks, I am prepared.

jack and jill

Our road music this morning, courtesy of Grant.

Loosely sung to the tune of Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill wen up da hill

and crash and cars and truuuucks

crash and crash and crash and trucks

and truck and trucks and crashing

Jack and Jill and crash and Jill

and Jack crash da truuuucks

trucks and crash and cars and crash

and Jack and Jill da hiiiilll

whose’s the crazy parent now?

Jena’s got this little gray horse she loves. She got it for Christmas this year from Grandma or Santa, I can’t keep those two straight. Neil and I figured something she’s this fond of deserves a name…so we named him Charlie.

Now some of you will immediately know why we did this. For those that don’t, you’ll need to watch the video at the bottom to appreciate the following conversation. 

Me: Look Jena it’s Charlie, come get Charlie.

Jena with a huge grin toddles over to ger her Charlie.

Me: You know someday when you’re big mommy’s going to show you why we named your horsey Charlie.

Jena laughs because she finds it funny how I say Charlie.

Me: Yep that’s right, I’m going to show you the video and you’re going to tell me I’m crazy. And me? I’m going to laugh…’cause I’m the crazy parent now.

a little blue plus sign

so this won’t be long tonight, I’m tired….as usual. But at least now I know why. Last night I saw a little blue plus sign, the scariest thing in blue I’ve ever seen in my life (and I lived through the 90s country blue decorating disasters). But there is was undaunted by my fear, starting me in the face.

I’m pregnant.

This is a good thing, I know. However my sleep deprived body and overtaxed brain refuses to accept this fact as yet. I don’t do surprises, even little benign ones like parties, let alone earth shattering ones like children. But I know I’ll come around, I like children and I’ve already got two great ones. It will be interesting to see what this one turns out like.

In the meantime I’m not quite sure what to do with this baby belly that seems to have shown up overnight and my recently cleaned out closet full of clothes I can’t wear already. But that’s all for tonight, as I need my sleep. In the next 7 months I’ve got to find a midwife, grow a child, give birth to a child, sell a house, find a house, move and resettle in, it makes me tired just looking at it.

Top 5 things I look forward to in the next 5 years

I feel the title speaks for itself.

Top 5 things I look forward to in the next 5 years…

5. little people that can wipe their own butts.

4. not having to wrestle a screaming child into 15 layers of clothes, because they can do it themselves!

3. no longer having to bend over a car-seat to strap in a 20-30 lbs child I just awkwardly lifted.

2. free public school.

1. english being our household’s primary language, as opposed to screaming, which all of us are fluent in.

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