Jena’s got this little gray horse she loves. She got it for Christmas this year from Grandma or Santa, I can’t keep those two straight. Neil and I figured something she’s this fond of deserves a name…so we named him Charlie.

Now some of you will immediately know why we did this. For those that don’t, you’ll need to watch the video at the bottom to appreciate the following conversation. 

Me: Look Jena it’s Charlie, come get Charlie.

Jena with a huge grin toddles over to ger her Charlie.

Me: You know someday when you’re big mommy’s going to show you why we named your horsey Charlie.

Jena laughs because she finds it funny how I say Charlie.

Me: Yep that’s right, I’m going to show you the video and you’re going to tell me I’m crazy. And me? I’m going to laugh…’cause I’m the crazy parent now.