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March 2009

simple pleasures

So this morning I was drawing on myself, it’s a compulsion I have, of course my little shadow was there as well. After completing two letters, he’s begging for one too. When I’m done I tell him, two letters later. Now momma? I’m not done yet. One minute later. I want one too momma. When I’m done Grant, I promise. Less than a minute later, he’s stealing my marker. Me, do one me. Knowing from experience this could go on forever, I rush to finsih complete with extra flourishes from impatient kicks in the back. 

He decides he wants a star, so I draw him a nice star. Then he wants a moon next to it, I add a moon. Another star momma right there, before he can decide to cover his body with stars I proclaim it’s all done. He seems content to accept that and immediately sits down contorting his leg into an unnatural position to see his stars. Pretty momma, he tells me. So pretty. Smiling big right at me. He then proceeds to run around the house singing ‘tinkle tinkle little star’ at the top of his lungs.

Magic markers and a drawing the doesn’t move, flash, blink or require batteries and my son is happy. I love that kid.

site changes and baby appointment!

Before I update you, I need to tell you I worked on the site this weekend. I need you to know this. I spent hours working on it. Notice the nifty tag cloud. I didn’t even know what a tag cloud was, but now I do! It’s that thing in the upper right corner. Click on a word and you have posts about that word, pretty cool huh? I also increased the number of recent posts for those, like myself, who are slightly intimidated by browsing through archives. I also futilely tried a lot of other stuff and frustrated myself to tears, but we won’t get into that. On to the baby appointment!

So today was the first official baby appointment. It went well. I met the other midwife, the nurse-midwife. She apparently has two personalities, the nurse and the midwife. I found this amusing.

The conversations between her personalities went something like this.
You marked postpartum depression, tell me about that.
I tell her about that.

Enter the personalities…
Nurse: We should really get you started on anti-depressants now, they have ones safe for pregnancy and nursing.
Midwife: There’s also evening primrose oil you can start now and continue on after the birth.
Nurse: But really why wouldn’t you want to be on the meds if you could skip all the depression part afterwards?
Midwife: There are some side effects, I felt really out of touch like I was floating and detached for about two weeks.
Nurse: But I’ll just mark it down in your chart.
Midwife: To discuss I mean, I’ll mark it with a question mark.

It comes up that I’m still nursing Jena

Re-enter the personalities…
Nurse: Be careful with that.
Midwife: Not that you can’t tandem, I mean I did it too.
Nurse: But if you start having cramps or bleeding let us know.
Midwife: You know this you’re educated, it will be fine, people do it all the time.
Nurse: Just keep an eye out for it.
Midwife: As you continue nursing through this pregnancy.

I’ve never had someone argue with themselves for me. I think I like this midwife too, multiple personalities and all.

dear second trimester

My Dearest Second Trimester,

How good it is to see you! I can’t believe you’re finally here, we expected you three weeks ago you know, I was starting to wonder if you would ever come. As much as I appreciated First Trimester’s job at growing my child, I am glad to see her go. She was a bit of a life drainer, you know the type…

You on the other hand, well my dear, YOU are a breath of fresh air. I feel happy and awake. I’ve actually been able to finish things! Don’t tell them I told you, but these are developments that have my entire family smitten with you. We’ve actually decided you can stay well past the previously agreed upon 28 week point. I mean really since you were three weeks late (where were you anyway, I mean COME ON), you are welcome to stay at least an extra three weeks.

But please feel no need to leave until 40 weeks. I don’t even think your wonderful presence would alleviate the final two weeks carrying 40 extra lbs in Florida’s September heat. But please don’t feel that means we think you aren’t capable, we do! Don’t go, we think you’re wonderful! But come on, even Super Woman would have a hard time overcoming THAT one, it’s nothing personal toward you, I Promise! Besides we should allow Third Trimester to work for those last two weeks, she might get ticked if she doesn’t get at least some time.

Anyway it’s wonderful to have you here, and as I mentioned please feel free to stay forever…I mean for as long as you like…as long as it’s 28 weeks…or later, you know ’cause you were late.

With deepest affection,

Joy and baby B

smile you’re on camera

a few weeks ago I realized I had no pictures of my children since Christmas. This is bad because Grant had pictures every month of his life, at least through the first year…Jena will now be in therapy as I’ve missed documenting months of her first year of life.  

so the poperatzi returned. 279 pictures later…I fear I may have gone a bit overboard. But we have good pictures! Here a few that stood out right away.


this is my little imp, though she really isn’t impish, just gorgeous. She’s fooling you in this picture with her impish little expression. I just can’t get over how pretty she is, or how little she looks like me. I wonder sometimes how that blond hair and blue eyes came out of my body. Lucky for her it did.


this is the my little man and his teddy. Teddy has recently entered the realm of importance…you know…since Jena has Charlie. This kid hates to have his picture taken…luckily for me he loves the outdoors too much to notice the camera. I don’t think I can adequately express how happy getting  pictures like this makes me.

out of commission…yet again

so just as i was feeling better my daughter decides she’s going to take out my eye…yep my eye. Last night around 4 AM I had just finished nursing her. She’s flailing around trying to go back to sleep when WHAM…little finger connects with my left eye and all I know is I’m in pain. My screaming successfully manages to wake Neil, and he gets Jena back in her bed where I listened to her rustle around as I waited for my eye to stop burning. After about 30 mins goes by with no change I get up and get something to help me sleep.

Morning comes and guess what?  It’s still burning…in fact, it almost feels like it’s glued shut…on top of that my vision is a little blurry…this is going to be fun I can tell already. So I can open my eye, but it takes an insane amount of effort or I can leave it closed at which point it burns like crazy. However, for some reason that seems to be the better alternative, at the moment. Either way its pouring water, all the time.

So I sit here typing half blind, barely able to read the screen, grateful to my typing teacher that made us learn to type without looking at our fingers, since I can barely see them anyway. I mean it’s kinda funny, I’m out of commission for me being sick, then mom being sick and now this all in a row. I guess it’s not really funny, but I’m still laughing…or I’ll start crying, well I guess I already am…out of one eye anyway.

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