If you’ve been around me any length of time, you’ve heard me bemoan the lack of hippies in Orlando. Hippies bring good things like natural food grocery stores, art appreciation, decent tattoo parlors and birth centers…good ones.  All things suspiciously absent in this great city of Orlando.

But not to far from here in a land not to far away, I found signs of hippies. I had a consultation with a midwife on Friday, and I started feeling the vibe when I drove into the parking lot. As I was unloading the car I see one of the center employees, multicolored hair…full sleeves…good sign. The kids and I walk in the front door and are greeted by a full display of herbs and natural remedies…very good sign. I wander around as the kids dig through the basket of toysand find we’re surrounded by enlarged photos of naked pregnant bellies and newly born babies, nature at it’s best…I’m beginning to feel at home. 

We talked to the midwife’s aid for a while, yes the kids talked too. As she starts our tour I see no sign of white walls or shiny metal anywhere…I begin to wonder how many signs I’ll need to believe this place is real. Michelle the midwife finds us upstairs and enthusiastically greats the kids and then me. We plop down in two wing back chairs and the questions ensue. She asks me about my births…I ask her about hers. I probe for her views on labor…she wants to know how I’ve experienced it…back and forth we go. The conversation goes better and better, and when she tells me why she hired the new midwife I know I’m staying here.  

The new midwife is a nurse-midwife. Michelle, like myself, was leery of the nurse part. It typically brings with it unhippie like mentalities…great for hospitals…not so necessary for births. However, there are many benefits for a center to have a nurse on staff, she knew that and was looking for that. After extensive conversations with the new midwife Michelle notices she has ‘the mark’…a baby being born from a lotus flower…a very popular tattoo among midwives. Michelle tells me she had to hire her after that because only good midwives have THAT tattoo…I couldn’t agree more.