yes so it’s been a while since I posted…I know. Where did the time go you ask? Into the tiredness vortex of pregnancy that’s where. It sucks all life out of my body and feeds it by a little tube to the growing alien within, though I guess we are now to the point where it actually looks like a baby and not an alien…I should update my terminology.

so Friday I decided to prove to myself and my family that I am really not a useless blob of flesh only capable of working on the inside of my body. I sucked it up and worked my butt off. I cleaned the whole house top to bottom and even did all the laundry, with no nap. I was pretty proud of myself, the place looked better than it has since I unwittingly got pregnant. So Saturday I decide to do more, we change sheets, scrub floors, do more laundry. Go go go, that was me….until Sunday when I sat down after lunch…and couldn’t get back up.

weeks of germs my previous consciousness to rest and not overworking myself had kept at bay all hit me. Within hours I was sniffing, sneezing, aching, and utterly miserable. I’m back to being a useless blob of flesh now, the fact that I made 20 baby teeth and intestines and added another cm to our baby will just have to be enough for now!