so just as i was feeling better my daughter decides she’s going to take out my eye…yep my eye. Last night around 4 AM I had just finished nursing her. She’s flailing around trying to go back to sleep when WHAM…little finger connects with my left eye and all I know is I’m in pain. My screaming successfully manages to wake Neil, and he gets Jena back in her bed where I listened to her rustle around as I waited for my eye to stop burning. After about 30 mins goes by with no change I get up and get something to help me sleep.

Morning comes and guess what?  It’s still burning…in fact, it almost feels like it’s glued shut…on top of that my vision is a little blurry…this is going to be fun I can tell already. So I can open my eye, but it takes an insane amount of effort or I can leave it closed at which point it burns like crazy. However, for some reason that seems to be the better alternative, at the moment. Either way its pouring water, all the time.

So I sit here typing half blind, barely able to read the screen, grateful to my typing teacher that made us learn to type without looking at our fingers, since I can barely see them anyway. I mean it’s kinda funny, I’m out of commission for me being sick, then mom being sick and now this all in a row. I guess it’s not really funny, but I’m still laughing…or I’ll start crying, well I guess I already am…out of one eye anyway.