a few weeks ago I realized I had no pictures of my children since Christmas. This is bad because Grant had pictures every month of his life, at least through the first year…Jena will now be in therapy as I’ve missed documenting months of her first year of life.  

so the poperatzi returned. 279 pictures later…I fear I may have gone a bit overboard. But we have good pictures! Here a few that stood out right away.


this is my little imp, though she really isn’t impish, just gorgeous. She’s fooling you in this picture with her impish little expression. I just can’t get over how pretty she is, or how little she looks like me. I wonder sometimes how that blond hair and blue eyes came out of my body. Lucky for her it did.


this is the my little man and his teddy. Teddy has recently entered the realm of importance…you know…since Jena has Charlie. This kid hates to have his picture taken…luckily for me he loves the outdoors too much to notice the camera. I don’t think I can adequately express how happy getting  pictures like this makes me.