My Dearest Second Trimester,

How good it is to see you! I can’t believe you’re finally here, we expected you three weeks ago you know, I was starting to wonder if you would ever come. As much as I appreciated First Trimester’s job at growing my child, I am glad to see her go. She was a bit of a life drainer, you know the type…

You on the other hand, well my dear, YOU are a breath of fresh air. I feel happy and awake. I’ve actually been able to finish things! Don’t tell them I told you, but these are developments that have my entire family smitten with you. We’ve actually decided you can stay well past the previously agreed upon 28 week point. I mean really since you were three weeks late (where were you anyway, I mean COME ON), you are welcome to stay at least an extra three weeks.

But please feel no need to leave until 40 weeks. I don’t even think your wonderful presence would alleviate the final two weeks carrying 40 extra lbs in Florida’s September heat. But please don’t feel that means we think you aren’t capable, we do! Don’t go, we think you’re wonderful! But come on, even Super Woman would have a hard time overcoming THAT one, it’s nothing personal toward you, I Promise! Besides we should allow Third Trimester to work for those last two weeks, she might get ticked if she doesn’t get at least some time.

Anyway it’s wonderful to have you here, and as I mentioned please feel free to stay forever…I mean for as long as you like…as long as it’s 28 weeks…or later, you know ’cause you were late.

With deepest affection,

Joy and baby B