So this morning I was drawing on myself, it’s a compulsion I have, of course my little shadow was there as well. After completing two letters, he’s begging for one too. When I’m done I tell him, two letters later. Now momma? I’m not done yet. One minute later. I want one too momma. When I’m done Grant, I promise. Less than a minute later, he’s stealing my marker. Me, do one me. Knowing from experience this could go on forever, I rush to finsih complete with extra flourishes from impatient kicks in the back. 

He decides he wants a star, so I draw him a nice star. Then he wants a moon next to it, I add a moon. Another star momma right there, before he can decide to cover his body with stars I proclaim it’s all done. He seems content to accept that and immediately sits down contorting his leg into an unnatural position to see his stars. Pretty momma, he tells me. So pretty. Smiling big right at me. He then proceeds to run around the house singing ‘tinkle tinkle little star’ at the top of his lungs.

Magic markers and a drawing the doesn’t move, flash, blink or require batteries and my son is happy. I love that kid.