So for those of you that haven’t been reading for a while you’ll want to read elementary my dear watson now. I even made it easy for you, that’s a link, where it says ‘elementary my dear watson’ and it’s all bright and shiny, click on it. I’ll wait. I’m serious. What I’m about to tell you will make no sense unless you do, so do.

OK. Now that you’re done, I’ve got an update. Two days ago on the way home I saw the lady of the afore (spell check isn’t liking my word choice, afore is a real word…isn’t it?)  mentioned perfect yard, working on her yard. Guess what she was doing? Come on, just one guess.

Vacuuming. That’s right, she was vacuuming it. On her hands and knees with a big tank vacuum. So did you guess right? I DID! Oh that’s right, I saw it…