So in high school we had three lunch shifts. There were thousands of us, not much space, they were making it work. So shift A was at 10:30, B at 11:45, and C at 1:00 or something like that, I’m really just making up the exact times. 

But I CAN still vividly remember, baby brain and all, that every umm…’older person’ in my life was appalled the year I had A lunch. All year long I heard of the atrocities of being forced (like anyone had to FORCE me to eat as a teenager, HA!) to eat lunch so early. Amazingly they never asked me what I thought. Even more amazing I never opened my mouth to tell them, I was probably to busy putting food in my mouth to talk.

I never really did see the problem with it. I mean I’d been up since 5AM, by the time 10:30 came around to see me I was ready to scream I was so happy it was lunch. It was really the optimal time for my body to have lunch, and as the mother of young children, it is again. Because come on, high school isn’t preparing you for college it’s preparing you for early parenthood, where you run around crazed for 4 years until your kid goes to preschool.

Unfortuantly all ‘older people’ who were so upset with my early lunch apparently also set office lunch schedules! Our cafe doesn’t even open until 11:30. So I’m just informing you that at 10:30 everyday I am starving, because it should be lunch time.