So a few weeks ago we drove all over town (not really, but with two little kids in the car, one currently refusing to put his shoe on at EVERY stop because of an ant bite on his toe, it FELT like it was all over town) looking for two trees, a pretty one and a shady one. We found the pretty one at the second nursery for a steal. A nice mystery crepe myrtle, guaranteed to be the one color I didn’t want, purple. However, we had no luck with the shade tree. So what did I do? I went to the Internet and typed in Florida shade tree and bought one. Today a big box showed up on my doorstep, it was my tree. At least they tell me it will be a tree…someday. Here it is.

It's a tree!
It's a tree!

I’m currently calling him slim shady. Wait. I didn’t just say that out loud did I? Crap.

But it’s gorgeous isn’t it? I know it’s a little hard to see. Look real close, put your nose right up to the screen, squint your eyes and turn your head to the left. I got bit my a ginormous ant getting that picture and my foot is currently swelling to the size of my head. I’m not going back out there to take a picture in the ‘correct’ orientation. WordPress should be smart enough to have an option to rotate an uploaded pic, or I should be smart enough to find it. Either way just turn your head. It’s that skinny brown stick. Right in the middle. Right THERE.

Despite it’s un-tree like appearance I must say I am quite impressed with this place. They told me 1-3 weeks for delivery, I ordered it Sunday and as you see it’s sitting in my backyard. I’m just glad I read the reviews BEFORE this thing arrived. Silly me I would have been expecting a tree, not a stick. But everyone who reviewed the place said expect a stick in the box and a tree in the ground. So I got the first half, we put in in the ground, now we wait.

I must admit I’m enamoured with my little stick. It has such potential. Potential I fully expect to be realized because the reviews were filled with words like drought resistant, hardy, and HARD to kill. I’m banking on that last one, I have the opposite of a green thumb, I like to call it a purple thumb. My purple thumb has the amazing ability to kill. But I did not let my purple thumb touch this stick. Grant and Neil planted it this morning and I plan to watch it, from across the yard, on my swing. 

It’s in the ground, not a pot, so I figure it’s got a fighting chance. I’ll let mother nature do her thing. Despite my tendencies to kill her potted creations, me and mother nature are Tight. I think she’s got my back on this one. That’s why I called this part 1, because I’m fully expecting green stuff to start to appearing on it so I can have a part 2.