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May 2009

leave it to the kid to bring some much needed comic relief

Neil: Grant you need to listen to mommy. She’s the mommy and you’re the child.

Grant: I not da child, I da BAD GUY! (proceeds to ‘dash’ the air)

I probably shouldn’t have laughed, but we both needed to. If you could have seen the ‘bad guy’ look he pulled when he said it (brows knitted, lips pursed out, and finger pointed ready to ‘dash’ us), you wouldn’t have been able to help yourself either.

update on events

So the funeral is Friday morning, sounds like the whole day will be full with one thing or another. Thankfully the kids won’t have to come, Grant is still stressing over it, even though he doesn’t know really what happened. He’s been able to pick up feelings like that since he was a baby. It’s his superpower. Gratefully Jena is oblivious to everything, but her brother’s sporadic emotional outbursts.

On to my sister, the quarantine situation seems to have lost that vacation like feel it had the first day. Since you won’t be getting much from me for the next couple days, here’s some other reading. that would be my sister’s. Who has apparently had this for a bit and never told me. I’m going to go pout in a corner now. This is from one of the other teachers stuck there with my sister. He’s funnier than I am anyway, and obsessively posting. Not that I blame him, I mean what else is he supposed to do with all that time?

happy reading.

memorial day weekend

Haven’t posted in a while. The last few days have been a blur and I don’t anticipate the next week being much better. Forgive me in advance as I don’t anticipate posting for a little while.

The weekend started with a normal trip to Gainesville to visit the in-laws. We arrived Saturday afternoon, and found out Neil’s dad was at the hospital with his brother. He’s been in and out since December for useless tests, procedures, biopsies, etc. He’s having trouble breathing and has virtually no energy, the doctor’s don’t have a clue what’s going on.

Sunday morning we wake up and found out Neil’s dad received an urgent call from his sister at 4 AM and is back at the hospital. No one is still sure why, there were rumors of a diagnosis actually being available, one that wasn’t good. As we’re eating breakfast the call comes that Uncle Steve is gone, he went into code red as soon as Neil’s father arrived and never came back. His kids didn’t even get there in time to see him before it was too late.

My family was never all that close, at least not the extended family. A large portion of Neil’s family was, they still lived in the same city together (and Gainesville is really NOT that big). We also lived there with them for three years, Neil was close with his cousin whose now fatherless. It still seems a bit surreal, we just saw him the last time we were up there, talking, laughing, being the good guy that he was.

Needless to say the past few days have been a blur. The funeral is tentatively Friday.

Oh yeah did I mention my sister is being quarantined in Korea for being exposed to the swine flu? Icing.

i’m sure there’s a lesson here somewhere

So my mother is now totally freaked after my baby appointment this morning. Never thought a thing of it, she likes to go to a few each pregnancy, I had one today, she came…

So it was the nurse midwife today, I’m blanking on her name at the moment…it’ll probably come to me at my 3 AM pee break, most important things in life do. Anyway she’s the one that’s monitoring my postpartum depression issues, since I am still in that period from the last baby (it can last as long as 2 yrs in case you were wondering) and now pregnant also it means all sorts of fun can ensue. The poor lady had no idea what she was stumbling on, I will try to portray what happened below, complete with explanatory comments, because I can’t help but comment…even on my own stuff.

Midwife: so how are you moods doing? are you taking the evening primrose? (I can already see my mother perk at mentioning my moods…)

Me: Yep went right back on after we talked a few months ago, drastic difference, right away. I’d forgotten how much I love those things. (I REALLY do love them, used to take them all the time for period crap too, I’d simply forgotten about them since moving to hippie-less Orlando a few years ago)

Midwife: Great. There’s also something we can do that’s a little stronger, if needed, after the baby. We’ll just keep monitoring things. It’s a real simple all natural blah blah blah (at this point I started to realize my mother was paying too much attention, and I stopped paying attention to the midwife)

My mother: what is that stuff for? did you say depression?

Midwife: Oh yeah, Joy’s like me. Handles the baby’s great physically, but you know mentally it isn’t that great. That’s why we stopped at three it was just too much to handle the aftermath. (rambles on about her depression issues for a bit) You know when the thoughts about driving your car into the tree on the side of the road start coming it’s no fun…hahaha (this isn’t really as bad as it sounds, the two of us had actually joked about that earlier. It’s not like we’d actually do it. It’s just one of those signs you look for after the baby to know to start watching things. If you’ve had postpartum depression or any kind for that matter, I’m sure you get it.)

At this point if you want an accurate depiction of what happened you’ll have to somehow manage to read all of these comments as happening AT THE SAME TIME. Did I mention the kids were there too?

My mother: that’s not funny!

Midwife: It’s not like you’d actually do it, it’s just the thought. (at this point she’s beginning to realize what’s going on)

Grant: I in da garbage can momma! (for the record it wasn’t a REAL garbage can, he was pretending)

My mother: I knew something was wrong with her! I ask her ALL THE TIME! She always tells me she’s FINE!

Me: (sort of under my breath and sheepishly) Mom likes to freak out a bit, I don’t handle that too well, it just makes things worse for me, so I didn’t tell her much.

Midwife: well she is fine, she’s doing great now and we’ll be monitoring things after this baby too.

Grant: Momma! Momma! Look me! I in da garbage can! 

My mother: someone needs to know these things! She has to tell someone! She can’t do this to me, she has to tell me!

Me: (again under my breath to the midwife) Neil will know, he always knows, just talk to him.

Midwife: it’s really ok, this all common, she’s educated about it and knows what to do. There’s stuff we can recommend if she needs it.

Grant: Momma! I in da garbage can by myselves! (as he pushes Jena off the ‘garbage can’)

Jena: *frustrated scream*

My mother: she’s just like her father! I can’t believe she didn’t tell me this!

At this point I must have mentally went away because I don’t remember anymore. Somehow the midwife managed to get her distracted and it all ended fine. I love my mom, she just tends to freak a little bit. I AM ok, no need for her to have to live through the gory details, right?

I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned here. So someone find it.

we don’t live in tennessee, I swear

Grant: I da daddy, Jena da mommy.

Me: Oh yeah, where are your kids?

Grant: At the store, we got ’em where the sign says.

Me: you got your kids from the store?

Grant: Yeah, ’cause I da daddy. Jena da mommy and we all sisters an bruders together.

For the record, I never told him the baby was coming from the store. I don’t know where he got that part, I don’t know where he got any of  it actually.

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