So I’m a tad bit frustrated and instead of taking it out on my son, I figure I’ll take it out on innocent bystanders.

Can I just say potty training sucks? Small children apparently have the bladder size of a pregnant woman. Who knew they were capable of peeing three times in an hour, none on the potty or even in the bathroom I might add.

The day started so good! He took his own diaper off this morning and asked to be let in the bathroom to go potty and then did. On his own!

Not so the rest of the day. I’ve now gone through all the training pants, half the underwear, and few pairs of pull ups and he’s currently in a diaper because it’s almost nap-time (for me and him hopefully) and I can’t handle that much reality at that point of the day.

I know he’s trying, he’s trying so hard. I feel for him, I do. But that doesn’t really make the messes clean themselves. Or stop the gag reflex (apparently stronger in pregnancy, yippie!) every time I have to clean them.

Any help advice or encouragement is welcome at this point. But if I hear one more story about a 7 year old that still wets the bed or anything of that nature, so help me god.