Haven’t posted in a while. The last few days have been a blur and I don’t anticipate the next week being much better. Forgive me in advance as I don’t anticipate posting for a little while.

The weekend started with a normal trip to Gainesville to visit the in-laws. We arrived Saturday afternoon, and found out Neil’s dad was at the hospital with his brother. He’s been in and out since December for useless tests, procedures, biopsies, etc. He’s having trouble breathing and has virtually no energy, the doctor’s don’t have a clue what’s going on.

Sunday morning we wake up and found out Neil’s dad received an urgent call from his sister at 4 AM and is back at the hospital. No one is still sure why, there were rumors of a diagnosis actually being available, one that wasn’t good. As we’re eating breakfast the call comes that Uncle Steve is gone, he went into code red as soon as Neil’s father arrived and never came back. His kids didn’t even get there in time to see him before it was too late.

My family was never all that close, at least not the extended family. A large portion of Neil’s family was, they still lived in the same city together (and Gainesville is really NOT that big). We also lived there with them for three years, Neil was close with his cousin whose now fatherless. It still seems a bit surreal, we just saw him the last time we were up there, talking, laughing, being the good guy that he was.

Needless to say the past few days have been a blur. The funeral is tentatively Friday.

Oh yeah did I mention my sister is being quarantined in Korea for being exposed to the swine flu? Icing.