So the funeral is Friday morning, sounds like the whole day will be full with one thing or another. Thankfully the kids won’t have to come, Grant is still stressing over it, even though he doesn’t know really what happened. He’s been able to pick up feelings like that since he was a baby. It’s his superpower. Gratefully Jena is oblivious to everything, but her brother’s sporadic emotional outbursts.

On to my sister, the quarantine situation seems to have lost that vacation like feel it had the first day. Since you won’t be getting much from me for the next couple days, here’s some other reading. that would be my sister’s. Who has apparently had this for a bit and never told me. I’m going to go pout in a corner now. This is from one of the other teachers stuck there with my sister. He’s funnier than I am anyway, and obsessively posting. Not that I blame him, I mean what else is he supposed to do with all that time?

happy reading.