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June 2009

simplify life – 101

Tired of endless laundry, expensive detergent, tiring baths, and irritable children? I have the answer!

Diaper Kids Unite!

I’m always looking for ways to simplify our life around here, and I’ve decided children’s clothes are overrated. I mean who really needs them anyway? They don’t like to put them on, I don’t like to wrestle them on them, I don’t like to wash them, and it’s so much easier to just hose off kids then scrub a tub and give them a bath! I will start a new revolution.

Diaper Kids Unite!

Perhaps the public will scoff, but we never go in public anyway! I will stay in my home with my diaper clad children playing happily in the dirt and we will not care! What a day it will be! Oh wait, it’s today! Oh happy day! I’m so happy! Happy happy happy. So are the kids, peacefully playing outside in the dirt. And they’re happy! Did I mention that already? I think my daughter has caught the spirit, you should see her dirty little grin. She looks almost gleeful. Just the thought of all the work and anxiety I am saving makes me giddy.

you will not outshine me Jena! says the little man

On the way to drop off the kids this morning…

Grant: I don’t want to mow my hair mommy.

Me: mow your hair?

Grant: Yeah, I want a crane to lipt it.

Me: you want a crane to lift your hair?

Grant: NO! Craneses lipt CARS Mommy!

duh, what was I thinking…

conversations with a 15 month old

Since Jena does not get nearly enough air time, I think she deserves another post devoted to her. We’ve started stealing her pacifier more when she’s awake and lo and behold words have started coming out of her mouth! Here’s your typical conversation with Jena.

Jena you want some milk?

Jena: no

How about some juice?

Jena: NO!

*cat walks across the table*

Jena: kitty!

Jena…Jena…water? Do you want water?

Jena: no no, NOSE! *puts fingers in both eyes and giggles*

*randomly pick one of the three and give it to her*

Jena: taku (we like to think she’s actually a polite child, so we interpret this as thank you)

my favorite stage in the development process

Independence is coming, it’s on it’s way! I cheerfully set a plate of food on Jena’s tray and watch her try to use her fork to eat. It’s so cute. I stand and admire her for a minute too long, sentimentally thinking how big she is getting.

Once she’s well on her way I start making my own breakfast. While doing this she’s lost patience with the fork and is now shoveling the food in with her hands. No big deal I think, she’s still contained AND feeding herself!

I sit down to eat my breakfast, she’s decides she’s done feeding herself. Please don’t read that as she’s done EATING. No No No, as she would tell me with finger waving in my face. Silly mommy, I’m simply done feeding myself.

I’ve found I now have three choices.

1) I can feign ignorance, get her down and listen to her whine until snack time because she’s still hungry. Quick and clean, but annoying for the next hour or so.

2) I continue to eat my own breakfast while watching her begin to squish every morsel of food into her little fist and laugh completing this ordeal by running her hands all over her tray spraying whatever may be left on herself, the walls, and whoever else is unlucky enough to get in the way. I get a hot breakfast and she’s contained. But it’s a bear to clean up and it’s only bought me about 15 mins of no whining because remember, she is still hungry and now there’s nothing left edible.

3) I could abandon my nice warm breakfast and resign myself to cold eggs, again, feed her the rest of hers and let her down to get into who knows what in the house while I finish my cold eggs and warm milk.

Breakfast is way to early in the morning for these kinds of decisions.

Grant’s brother’s name

So there’s been lots of discussion these days on names for this little baby boy. I guess Grant has been overhearing and paying attention to more than we realized (as usual), as of last week he’s decided he’s going to start contributing to this on going conversation. These names have ranged everywhere from Thomas characters to random mumbo jumbo I could never translate into the written word. So I took a video instead. Enjoy.

On a side note, when Grant watched the video with me he found himself hilarious.

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