UPDATE: Picture now included, please scroll down.

I know I promised a post on the yogurt results. It’s coming…perhaps tonight. Two posts in one day? Maybe I’m being a bit ambitious, how about sometime this week…Besides I figured we should give it the Grant test before I offer up a review. His reaction will be far more accurate than any flowery description I could give it. Unless he’s learned to read and finds this post, in which case he will adamantly refuse to even open his mouth for yogurt, and we’ll all lose.

Instead I thought I’d share the events immediately preceding bed last night. I was trying to reach a bowl I had left on the couch last night when the couch leg spontaneously jumped in front of my toe. Now our couch has been know to do strange things before, often throwing the children to the floor or rejecting my son’s best attempts to feed him, but he had never attacked me directly. But the resulting crack that was heard as my toe collided with the couch left me with searing pain and the distinct impression that I was no longer his favorite.

Neil proceeded to inspect the damage as he is the expert in all minor and some major injuries (for that he can thank playing about every sport there is). It was quickly concluded, much to my relief, my toe was not broken nor my toenail. Even though I was fairly certain the pain would have been substantially worse if either of those had been, that cracking sound had me a bit worried for a moment.

Off to bed I went thinking surely it will be better in the morning. Wrong! By morning everything that touched my toe, from my bed sheet to my 32 lbs son, caused searing pain. The top joint is now a lightly swollen pink with a dark shade of purple right in the middle. It complements the orange toenail nicely, if I do say so myself. I will have to post a picture for you tonight so you can appreciate the work of artI am now privileged to have with me at all times.

By now I’ve almost perfected my walk to a somewhat unrecognizable hobble, to the untrained eye (I fear I am really kidding myself here). So the only indicator something is wrong are my burgundy leopard flip flops that match so well with my red dress. I do realize some might rejoice in the excuse to wear flip flops to work, at one time I would have been one. However in my six month pregnant state if I cannot put some decent shoes on my feet in the next few days my heels and back with be having some serious conversations with me about favoring one measly little toe over such essential body parts such as themselves! I can hear it all now, those two are quite the complainers lately.


look all that pretty color, take that couch!
look all that pretty color, take that couch!

Good news, the pink and swelling was all down by the time I got home from work today, HOORAY! It also seems my camera was attempting to make the pretty purple color disappear in the photo, you all will have to use your imagination. I wasn’t going to spend an hour shooting and editing, this is after all a picture of my TOE.