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July 2009

Adenoids. Obliterate. Suck. Tubes.

So I thought I was going to post today about the baby appointment. I’ve been getting pretty pumped about the up and coming home birth we are planning and was all prepared to share from my latest appointment this morning. That however, changed when Neil came home with little man and all of the words in the title came out one conversation.

I’m not exactly sure what to think at the moment. They want to obliterate (not my word choice) Grant’s adenoids and then suck them out of his body, and they want to put tubes in his ears, AND they think he has slight hearing loss. I had no idea what to expect from this visit really. We were generally a healthy bunch in my house, no surgeries, only one ER visit that I can remember (for an ear infection no less), no allergies, minimal colds. I mean we were the kids either getting or barely missing the perfect attendance awards in school all my elementary and middle school years. All that to say my experience with this type of stuff is very minimal. 

It’s a BIT overwhelming to hear that many things regarding your THREE YEAR OLD BABY in one sentence. I don’t even know where your adenoids ARE or what they DO, besides causing constant post-nasal drip (which leads to throwing up in a child that refuses to eat on a regular basis), congestion, and snoring when they aren’t working right, we’re pretty well versed in that part at this point. Neil is also a bit uneasy about the whole situation…which brings some relief…I mean at least I know I’m not alone…that’s worth something…I think. I can see lots of research on adenoids in my future.

On the flip side, even though Neil tells me Grant was none too happy with the various procedures they had to do to determine all this, all I’ve been able to get out of Grant in regards to the visit is about his Grave Digger sticker on his leg. That’s only the most awesomest monster truck ever, for those of you unfortunate people who don’t have a three year old boy obsessed with trucks of all kinds. The child knew the name of that particular truck toy before he could form complete sentences, that and Blue Thunder, but he has two Grave Digger ones, cause that’s his favorite.

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine

Just so you know I had to hid behind the door to get this video. The first time I tried he saw me and immediately shut up, like he’s shy or something. It nice to have recognizable songs these days. We have enjoyed him ‘singing’ while he played since he was a baby, but it’s only been recently that they’ve been real songs.

I hope you enjoy it as much as Neil and I did. It gets funnier the more times you watch it, by about the the third time through I was into the silent laughter.

For those of you that want to talk about it like you watched it, but didn’t. Here’s the highlights.

Those be underwear on that butt. That’s right. UNDERWEAR. I wouldn’t say it’s a done deal yet, but there’s progress!

Look how self-sufficient he is, pulling new cart of blocks out from under the bed himself! Dragging it right over his body like a pro, then realizing it hurt, 3 seconds later, owww.

Lost in his thoughts, at the very end, he forgets where he is in the song and starts over (yep that would be our kid).

What was that? In the last 2 seconds? In the background? Some kind of wild animal shrieking? No silly, that’s my little princess. I cut the rest out. She screamed through the entire second rendition.

top 10 ‘bad boy’ names

So I guess it really is all in a name, according to an article/blog post/something on the Today show blog or the MSNBC website, I can’t really tell, you can read it here if you care, since I was obviously NOT paying attention to the details. Wow that was an awful sentence.

Anyway apparently naming your child the likes of Alec (which I do happen to like and considered) or Preston (which I never considered) are dooming them for a life of crime. Yes that’s right, CRIME. They will surely become little delinquents if named any of these names top ten names or any other name that is ‘oddball, girly or strange’ (since THAT’S real clear and all) says Professor David Kalist. Seriously? Ok in his defense, he doesn’t say surely, but still. Go read it if you want the accurate scoop. I guess a delinquent by any other name wouldn’t be so…delinquenty?

I can see it all now…

“Destined to failure, should these criminal’s parents be held accountable for naming their children ‘criminal names’?” on the next Springer… 

It’s a good thing none of our names were on that list or it’d be back to the drawing board for us! I mean I could never doom my child by his name, isn’t that what years of trial and error parenting and siblings are for…

grant saying

Nana: Have fun, I’ll pick you up in a little while, ok.

Grant: Pick me up in a big while, ok Nana?


And a random just for fun fact. I got a hit yesterday from someone googling ‘have your diaper on.’  I totally knew that was going to happen when I posted this.

place your bets for baby boy name

So we have a middle name, have had one actually since Grant, the child whose name I had no say in. So for those of you who felt you were cheated with the video (which I felt was totally adorable) you are getting something ‘real’ this time. Are you ready for it? 


Like it or not, it really doesn’t matter, it’s not under negotiation. It’s my dad’s middle name and my grandpa’s first name and I figured if we named one son after 5 generations of Byces we can name the next after 2 generations of Reinigs, Neil graciously agreed.

As for the first name, there are some of us that feel this has already been determined, and others of us that aren’t of the same opinion. Knowing this is more than likely our last child has made certain names difficult to let go of.

Below is the short list, you may now prplace your bets now. The winner gets the satisfaction of knowing you were right.




Neil VI



Ok so maybe we’re not really considering all of those, or at least I’m not considering all of those. But they have all been talked about, and the ones under serious consideration are there as well.

Happy betting!

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