So it was a long night last night. Got to bed late then the kids woke up waaaay too early and one by one made there way into our bed to thankfully go back to sleep for a few hours. Jena was on one side hacking and wheezing in one ear, Grant in the other snoring from his perpetually clogged nose.

Amazingly enough, all of us managed to sleep past when we should somehow. Neil got up first and caught his shadow as she ran off the edge of the bed trying to get back to him. I unsuccessfully attempted to roll over without kiling my hips. My groan must have woken little man because the snoring iinstantly stopped and without a pause was replaced by the following.

God hab a big tractor. Him name is sickie. No he sick. He hab big wheel and no trunck. His name is Trebor. *big sigh* Oh it Saturday mommy! *pause as he crawls off the bed* Gatlin, not Bumbly (his version of our street, Bumby), no he not on Bumbly… *trails off as he wonders out of my room*

Perhaps my crazy preggo dream state is contagious?