So we have a middle name, have had one actually since Grant, the child whose name I had no say in. So for those of you who felt you were cheated with the video (which I felt was totally adorable) you are getting something ‘real’ this time. Are you ready for it? 


Like it or not, it really doesn’t matter, it’s not under negotiation. It’s my dad’s middle name and my grandpa’s first name and I figured if we named one son after 5 generations of Byces we can name the next after 2 generations of Reinigs, Neil graciously agreed.

As for the first name, there are some of us that feel this has already been determined, and others of us that aren’t of the same opinion. Knowing this is more than likely our last child has made certain names difficult to let go of.

Below is the short list, you may now prplace your bets now. The winner gets the satisfaction of knowing you were right.




Neil VI



Ok so maybe we’re not really considering all of those, or at least I’m not considering all of those. But they have all been talked about, and the ones under serious consideration are there as well.

Happy betting!