Just so you know I had to hid behind the door to get this video. The first time I tried he saw me and immediately shut up, like he’s shy or something. It nice to have recognizable songs these days. We have enjoyed him ‘singing’ while he played since he was a baby, but it’s only been recently that they’ve been real songs.

I hope you enjoy it as much as Neil and I did. It gets funnier the more times you watch it, by about the the third time through I was into the silent laughter.

For those of you that want to talk about it like you watched it, but didn’t. Here’s the highlights.

Those be underwear on that butt. That’s right. UNDERWEAR. I wouldn’t say it’s a done deal yet, but there’s progress!

Look how self-sufficient he is, pulling new cart of blocks out from under the bed himself! Dragging it right over his body like a pro, then realizing it hurt, 3 seconds later, owww.

Lost in his thoughts, at the very end, he forgets where he is in the song and starts over (yep that would be our kid).

What was that? In the last 2 seconds? In the background? Some kind of wild animal shrieking? No silly, that’s my little princess. I cut the rest out. She screamed through the entire second rendition.