Sorry it’s been so long! My only excuse is it’s August, in Florida, and I’m in my Third Trimester. I feel that should be sufficient to get me out of just about anything these days. I was planning an elaborate post last night as I was drifting off to sleep, it was witty and entertaining, and made me chuckle in my head a bit. You can all guess what happened to THAT one….

Perhaps if I had got sleep last night, as intended, it would have stuck with me. In my defense, I did my part. 9:30 came and I dragged myself to the bedroom and laid down to go to sleep. We (that would be baby and me) had done this the night before and it was Phenomenal, I tell you , simply PHENOMENAL! What with that whole alert thing the next day, I was like a new woman. I did not remember what it felt like to be awake for a few hours in the day. I mean, actually awake, not standing/sitting there with your eyes open somehow managing to fumble through tasks. All that to say, it was enough incentive to have me going to bed early again.

But it didn’t work, and for any parent out there I think this one word will explain it all…TEETHING. But at least I’m only my normal tired, and not utterly exhausted. Jena was tossing and turning, crying out in her ‘sleep’ most of the night. At one point she sat right up in bed and plopped back down on my belly, only to get kicked off by her brother who was doing his part to make sure I didn’t sleep, ALL NIGHT LONG.

So yeah, this is it. I’ll try to come up with something better for you…later…after sleep…which would be never…so maybe tomorrow…or friday, that’s a good day…and I’m going to stop now, because this is the WORST sentence I’ve ever written in my life! See excuse at the top of the post.