Dear Haters:

I know you’re out there, all you social media haters. I hear you in the halls, I hear you at family gatherings, I hear you in my dreams. “Social Media isn’t real relationships” you say, “It’s just a bunch of surface friendships, nobody really cares on there.”

Now I understand the irony of this letter and it’s intended audience. For you, the social media hater, will more than likely never see this letter. I will publicize this post on Facebook and Twitter, besides it being on a public blog on the Internet. But alas, those are not places you frequent.

So I must ask, how does one communiate with you? Should I spend the next weeks of my life looking up home phone numbers, since you certaintly still have one of those, and placing cold calls to answering machines to bring you my message? Perhaps I should print it and distribute door to door like the Jehovah’s Witness we all love so much. That should only take a few months of my life.

Sadly neither of those are feasible options in my life currently. So I am forced to used the most effective means of communication, even though it is one that you choose not to participate in. It is sad really, but I do hope someday you will be able to read the following, though I imagine by the time you do, it will no longer pertain to you.

Sunday night I posted the following status on my Facebook page

“wanting a good book, and not really feeling the ones I have available”

Now mind you, I posted this to my following of surface friends who really care nothing about me and view me only as a number.

Yesterday morning I come to my desk and the little red bubble tells me that someone has commented on my status. It’s my blogger buddy agreatweirdness, she writes:

“There are three books at Tim’s desk for you – it’s that Voice of the Lion series I told you about. =)”

Last night I sat happily reading a great new book thanks to my surface friend who doesn’t care about me. Being unloved and disconnected from real people never felt so good.