For any of you that follow me on twitter, you’ve already heard my numerous complaints about things that come out of people’s mouth when my apparently ENORMOUS belly enters a room. For your reading pleasure, here’s a few more.

So last night Neil and I went on a date. We were in Gainesville and my in-laws graciously agreed to steal their grandchildren for the night. Given the fact that I will soon be tied by the boob to a newborn, we took fully advantage of our night out. As we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, our first stop, I mean I am pregnant, I had to go to the bathroom. It’s a given, I’ve got a 7.5 lbs baby boy doing a headstand on my bladder AT ALL TIMES. I waddle my way to the bathroom, go, wash my hands and as I’m about to leave the following exchange occurs.

Sweet older lady, ‘My you look like you’re about to have that baby!’

Knowing this to be false, I explain that, no, I still have a month to go.

‘A MONTH?!?!’ She questions incredulously, obviously finding this hard to believe.

‘Is it your first?’ she asks next.

‘No it’s actually my third,’ I reply.

‘Third!’ she exclaims, incredulously again.

‘My honey, you don’t look old enough to have one, let alone three.’ at which point I forgave her.

Until I’m walking out the door and her this, ‘Now don’t go having that baby tonight now.’


Next stop, bookstore. So while I’m in the bookstore a lady starts browsing the section next to me and her phone rings. She picks it up and turns around to talk (why do people do that turning around to talk thing anyway?) As she turns I happen to be in her line of sight, her eyes grow large as she finishes her conversation and quickly gets off the phone. As soon as she hangs up…here we go again.

Large eyed woman, ‘You must be about to have that baby next week!’

‘No,’ I reply and again explain the situation.

‘First baby?’ she asks.

‘No, it’s my third,’ I respond.

‘Oh,’ she says, as if that explains everything.

‘So you just have BIG babies. That was my 10.5 pounder I just got off the phone with.’

I’ve heard all that before, but the 10.5 pounder part. Even reading that now, I wonder, why? What was the comment about her 10.5 pound child supposed to do? Reassure me that, yes babies CAN get that big? How comforting. They’re already telling me he feels about 7.5 lbs, and as you are now aware I have a month or more to go. At a half a pound a week of average weight gain (according to baby zone) I could meet or beat this woman’s 10.5 lbs baby. I feel comforted already. I always wanted to give birth to a two month old.

Here’s some pics of me and my enourmous belly from last night. Let the comments fly.