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September 2009

The Birth of a boy – Part 1

So life’s been a bit crazy over here the last week or so. It was all calm, peaceful and happy when Jacob was born, and it actually stayed that way…for about a week…then all hell broke loose. Jacob still proves to be a peaceful content baby, but the other children, particularly the oldest have this thing for routine and structure and knowing what’s going on. All things that have been thrown out the window, thrown in the window to replace them has been screaming, fits, and other fun stuff. But you will hear more about that than you want later, that’s not why you’re here now, I told you I was going to tell you about the birth.

Below is all my pieces I’ve compiled in the last few weeks when I’ve had a second to think. I’d add more, but the screaming is distracting me.

So I have a few minutes of quiet, the big kids have been parcelled out and the littlest man is sleeping away after our first little walk. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to put the birth into words. Some things are so experiential, finding words to describe them seems grossly insufficient, this is one of those things for me. But I think it’s important, and I’ve already had more requests than I can keep track of, so I’m going to try.

I’m not even sure where to start, for those that follow me on twitter or facebook you know my water broke at 4 am. saturday. That is a starting point, but it seems like I need to back up a bit. So we’ll start the day before.

I had an appointment with the midwife on Friday, the day before our little unnamed boy was born. It was my normal Friday off and I decided to take both kids with me, by myself, all the way to Sanford. I was very tired, but also very determined to do it alone. I had offers of help on the table, but it was one of those things I had to know I could do. I only had two that day, I was about to have three, I needed to know I could handle it. So off we went, I even threw in a visit to ‘The Barn Store’ to pick up some much needed fruit before heading up there, ’cause I’m just crazy like that.

The appointment was standard, any headaches, blurry vision, blah blah blah? no. How are you feeling? tired. What was your weight? You actually thought I’d say didn’t you, ha ha ha. Do you want to be checked? And I actually said yes. For those of you that don’t know what that means, I’ll spare you the process, but the results were 3-4 cm, 70% effaced with the baby down to about a 7. Which means I left with a note that I was not to return to work, that was a big YIPPIE moment for me….and I gotta go.

And we’re back for another 15 min attempt to get this on ‘paper.’

With no further plans to go to work I started making plans for the weekend and next week. Final preparation stuff, you know like, buy diapers. After all the extra effort of taking the kids out during the day I was wiped by the time Grant was in bed at 8pm. I did a few more things, got ready for bed and was out cold by 9 o’clock.

The one thing I said about this delivery was that I wanted to be rested, and I’ve never been so happy I went to bed early in my life. At 4AM something akin to warm slime running down my leg woke me up. I made an attempt to quickly waken Neil to get a towel to save the bed, but for any of you who have ever seen my husband sleep, quickly awaken isn’t really something that happens, the sheets were a loss. He finally woke up, grabbed me a towel, I got to the bathroom and we threw the sheets and cover in wash. We searched the house for the rubber sheet (which I knew was dirty because it was on my weekend list to clean it) or the extra shower curtain (which I finally found a week after the birth) to remake the bed for the birth. After our unsuccessful attempts we finally had to use every water proof pad the kids had and lined my side of the bed so I could go back to sleep. Neil stayed up long enough to put the sheets in the dryer and then joined me for our last few hours of sleep before our family expanded yet again. Somewhere around 4:30 I felt the first contraction. Around 20 mins later the next one came and I was relived thinking I had hours yet to go. At this rate I should get plenty of sleep.

To be continued…

Grant’s new baby brother

So Grant tells us that his baby brother is still in his tummy. You know since we were both pregnant, I could have sworn he told me his baby was born a few days after Jacob, but he informed me I was wrong.

Crap is coming out of his tummy in a few days, right now crap is still in his tummy. Yep that’s right, he has named his baby crap and takes great pleasure in talking about crap all day.

If I had any doubts he was a boy, I think this cleared it right up.

the new Cullen family

Two lessons were reinforced yesterday.

1) No matter how good the change, change brings stress and kids under stress have a tendency to act up.

2) If your children are under a certain age, lets say 18, silence is something you should fear.

Anybody want to guess what Grant found yesterday? There was quite a number of things, I’m sure if you  just randomly start listing things you’ll hit on at least one of them. Crayons? Glue? Paint Brushes? Ribbon? Glitter? All of the above? What was that? All of the above you said? My I’ve got some smart readers today.

Well that’s not entirely correct. It wasn’t technically crayons he found, it was mommy’s oil pastel’s. Mommy’s very expensive oil pastels that have not seen the light of day since the kids have been born. However, when displayed so artfully on the wall only a trained eye could tell the difference.

Original Artwork by Grant Neil Byce V
Original Artwork by Grant Neil Byce V

I must say though, this is one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen him do. Would you look at all the use of color? We usually see two, maybe three colors in his pictures. This mural made use of half my set. I know it’s hard to see the different shades that were used, but they’re there, really. I plan to auction off this piece of wall to recoup my damages, feel free to place your bids in the comments.

But what of the glue, the paintbrushes, the GLITTER!?!? Oh have no fear, for those were used fantastically as well. My paintbrushes were used to distribute glue all over a coordinating wall, and the glitter, well the glitter…really what can you NOT use glitter for?

He was trying to match the star decor with all this glitter, I'm convinced.
He was trying to match the star decor with all this glitter, I'm convinced.
see how it catches the light from the flash?
see how it catches the light from the flash?
is that sand? is this the beach? NO, it's GLITTER!
is that sand? is this the beach? NO, it's GLITTER!

I really should have snapped this photo when I first came in the room, I had already scooped up an ENTIRE tube of sparkly, iridescent, extra fine goodness by the time I thought to take a picture.

Did I mention that this was the extra fine stuff? You know, like fairy dust. My children now have a regular fairy princess room, with swirling glitter in the air, glitter on the floor, glitter on their stuffed animals, pillows and every blanket they own (did I mention he’d emptied his dresser of blankets on to the floor?)

All I had to do was walk in the room and I was sparkly, by the time I finished cleaning up, I was like a freakin Rock Star. I felt like a character in that 80s cartoon, Gem and the Rockers. You know the one I’m talking about? You might not, I’m not even sure it was real. But that’s what I felt like anyway. I was now covered in glitter, both my older kids were already covered in glitter and later that night as I was nursing the baby I realized I’d transferred glitter to him as well. Look at us sparkle.

I had to go shopping before dinner and as I was walking around I could jus tell everyone was loving my new Rock Star look. It’s so totally in to have glitter in your hair, clothes and stuck to your skin when you go to the produce market. I just KNOW the staff loved me for leaving my glitter AWESOMENESS all over the remaining fruits and vegetables in the store. But that’s not the best part.

The best part is on the drive home it occurred to me, we aren’t rock stars, we’re THE CULLENS! That’s right, we are the beautiful, sparkly, vampire family of Twilight. I wish a picture did it justice, but it simply couldn’t pick up all the glitter awesomeness. You’ll just have to imagine how the sun now shimmers on my awesome littler glitter covered family.

it’s live action Jacob!

I know he’s not actually doing anything in this, but I still think it’s adorable. I understand I’m biased, but it’s my blog I can post whatever I want 🙂

the trade off

I have no idea how long I’ve got to write this, it may very well be a half post that just gets posted anyway. I’m on borrowed time. I am not entirely sure how long Jacob’s been sleeping, but the fact that one side of my dress is already soaked is a good indication it’s been two hours or more.

When you’ve been nursing for so long you forget about the beginning stuff. Like the watermelon size stomach I’ve traded for two cantaloupe size boobs, that hurt and leak and NEVER empty, even with both Jena and Jacob nursing. It’s a darn good thing I enjoyed the crap out of those two nights of sleeping on my stomach because even the thought of it right now makes me hurt. Thankfully this will regulate faster than the belly.

In the meantime I have to find clothes to wear, as my hips are currently too big for about every bottom I own and my boobs are two big for about every top. I guess there’s always t-shirts, but I’m not really a t-shirt kinda girl and even those are ridiculously tight at the moment, and don’t really look to great with the skirt I have that fits. Three of the four dresses I wore at home the entire last month of my pregnancy still fit ok, the other is just beyond slutty, which is saying a lot considering what the other three look like.

Oh well, an expanded wardrobe wasn’t something I was looking forward to at all after the baby. And if you can’t read the sarcasm in that last statement you don’t know me at all…and I hear a baby crying.

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