So it turns out i’m in pre-labor. I don’t remember this term from the last two kids. I’m beginning to think it didn’t exist. You know like how pre-teen and tween didn’t exist when I was a pre-teen or tween. I think they just called us brats.

But I read about pre-labor last night, in the book of info I got from the birth center on my first visit that I am just now getting around to finishing. Apparently for 3rd and successive children you have lots of this. Which would explain why for weeks now I have been having every single one of the things on the list. I swear I will not know when early labor starts and all of a sudden WHAM! I’ll be in active labor, without a shred of warning. Unless you consider the weeks of pre-labor I’ve already had as warning, which I do not.

Here’s the list:

contractions – check, all day everyday, particularly when walking

back pain – check, has increased to the point where I can no longer even stand still without it hurting

increased sweating – check, it’s been in the 90s, with 100% humidity, need I say more?

cervical pressure – check, feels like the kids going to drop out at any moment

Plus a few other interesting things I’ll spare you from knowing. You can thank me later.