You would think the kids did not have a room full of toys and a backyard full of toys. It’s stuff like this that makes me just want to give away all of their toys. Not out of spite, but because they honestly have more fun with the stuff that is not toys.

Exhibit A:

Every time we bring a new box of diapers in the house (which is quite often these days) you’d think the kids won the lottery. Not only do they now have a box, which can be houses and cars and treasure chests and more (in this case I think he said it was an elevator), but it’s filled with diapers! That means almost 100 different pieces that can be stacked and sorted and thrown and all sorts of other things I used to try to stop and now just merely watch.

I should probably stop whining about the price of diapers. I mean diapers are cheap diapers when you consider their dual purpose! I mean 14 bucks for an almost 100 piece toy set and diapers to boot, can’t beat that.