So things have been happening over here. Nothing you want to hear about, but things nonetheless. We’ve got diaper changes and nap routines and screaming (I do try to keep mine to a minimum).

Then there’s the really fun things like the older children regressing, me getting Mastitis and me having to take milk out of my diet.  Since yet another child is showing early signs of milk intolerance. Do you know how many things milk is in…think about that for a minute. All that to say I don’t know how I thought I was ever going to get this birth story done. I still plan too, and really want to. In fact I have another installment sitting in my drafts, but since the Mastitis a week ago I’ve realized I’ve been running myself to hard and need to pull back a bit.

So that means less posting for a while, of course now that I say this I’ll probably find time tonight to finish the story and post it and then I’ll look like a liar, but that seems to be how my world works…I should have said this a long time ago.

I’m sure I’ll still be able to manage some videos, for my own sanity as well as your benefit. The kids are finally adjusting, which means they’re being great most of the time and monsters a little bit, instead of monsters most of the time and great kids NEVER. And since it took 5 weeks for them to adjust to this life they’ll only have for two more weeks. I will be documenting the heck out of the next two weeks. I will need them to remind of me that yes, I do love these children, while we start the adjusting all over again, can you tell I’m thrilled about that? Can you? CAN YOU?