As promised here’s some video. It took me a few takes to actually get her to keep talking once the camera was on, but her little voice is so cute I was COMPELLED to keep trying. Plus no one else was around at the moment so I had as much time as I needed.

There seems to be nothing like a new baby to make words magically come out of an older child’s mouth. It’s amazing, baby comes, kid thinks, uh oh….what do I do now? Talk! That’s a good trick, and out pop the words. And the little geniuses are right, because like magic the attention shifts back to her when those adorable words roll out. Grant did the same thing when Jena was born…now that he’s older he methods of attention getting have advanced beyond cuteness into realms previously unknown. But that is for another post, this one is for cuteness, YAY!

This is Jena watching and identifying the picture slide show on the computer. To translate, she’s saying Grant a few times and then notices the camera is on. Then she’s all, Oh No! Stop talking, quick make a funny face. Oh wait, pictures! (gotta love the attention span of an 18 month old)

I was so intent on getting her to talk again I didn’t even notice a suspicious lean at 31 seconds…going…going…pause for a few…finish off at 41 seconds. Pay close attention, I didn’t even catch it until the second time through…and then I died laughing and watched it about eight more times.

Also at the very end she says ‘it’s Jena’ and the way she says it I couldn’t possibly spell out, so you’ll just have to watch it. It is about the cutest thing EVER.