So my Grandma died this morning, but I don’t think that’s really what this post is going to be about. To be honest, I can’t really think about that yet. The funeral is in Nebraska and I’m going, with just Jacob, even though I’m still nursing Jena too.

I have to think about that. How am I going to do that? Once I get there I know it will all hit me in the face, but that’s what funerals and families are for. It will be ok then, not now, can’t think about it now…

I checked the weather for Lincoln, the night time temp is single digits. We don’t see that in Orlando, EVER. One day will be up to 29 though, 29! WooHoo, bring on the heat wave baby!

So the question is how do you do that with a baby? How do I dress so I can nurse this baby…easily…in an airport…or better yet, an airplane!

Did I mention I still haven’t lost that baby weight and have only one pair of pants? No that’s lying I have three, a pair of sweat pants, a pair of work pants, and a pair of jeans. Looks like all three will be making an appearance. But I do have a coat! No winter shirts really, but the coat is FABULOUS. Who really needs winter shirts anyway when you have a nice warm down coat? Shirts are overrated, am I right?

You know, that coat is about the size of my suitcase…how am I supposed to bring the coat AND a suitcase AND a baby AND a diaper bag AND a pump bag AND a computer bag…ok Neil’s trying to talk me out of that last one. But SERIOUSLY 5 days without one? I’m not sure I’d survive…maybe if I had an iPhone…but I don’t. Maybe someone there will have one I can steal periodically for a fix…it may have to go…in favor of saving my boobs and keeping my baby clean and dry. Oh the sacrifices you make as a mother!

How do you dress up in the cold anyway? I mean people don’t wear dresses in 20 degree weather do they? What do I pack for the funeral? This is starting to hurt my head. And I haven’t even thought of all the laundry and shopping I need to do to get Neil set to be with the other two kids for 5 days without me…I want to go to bed.