We arrived at my grandparent’s yesterday afternoon. Even though I’ve seen my family, and my Grandpa more frequently, it had been five years since I’d been here, at this house, and even more since I’ve stayed here. When Grandma started showing signs of Alzheimer’s in the mid 90s the kids got shipped to the next town to stay at At Jerry’s, it was just too much for Grandma to have everyone around at once.

But the house. My goodness. It’s exactly like I remember it. And from what I’m hearing it’s exactly like it was when my dad was a kid as well. Nothing’s changed, not the furniture or the color of the walls. Well some things have. The den we used to play in as kids now has a hospital bed where first Grandma and now Grandpa sleep, there’s a new framed picture of all 50 state quarters, and I’m sure some of the boxes of paper stored EVERYWHERE in the house are new, I never really paid much attention to the contents of those boxes as a kid.

It’s an enlightening experience seeing your roots all together in one place, hearing person after person say ‘I can’t throw that out, someone could use that’ though each generation says it with less seriousness and more humor. Everybody has their role when they’re together. My father, just like at home fixes things. Everything, when something breaks…go get Bob. My Aunt Peggy as oldest girl mothers all of us. Taking care of Grandpa on down. Everyone has their place and as much as they clash they still fit together.

We had a viewing today and the family is currently at the rosary. Jacob ventured out with us to the viewing and I’m home with him now, he’s already out for the night oblivious of the time change from Florida to Nebraska. Tomorrow is the funeral, full blow catholic mass, all the Aunt are saying my Grandmother would roll over is she knew, but it’s really about Grandpa now. That’s why I’m here.