As my early years of motherhood have taught me there are days, and then THERE ARE DAYS.

I know I haven’t even updated you all on my trip or the fiasco of a return that I had a totally positive attitude about until today. I’m still tired recovering from what should have been less than 8 hours of travel turning into a 28 hour fiasco, coming home from a FUNERAL. I just find out not only has my grandpa just lost his wife of 60+ years he also has a punctured lung and three cracked ribs that were missed last WEEK when he was taken to the doctor’s after his fall. So I sit there at my desk, having just gotten in and guess what Jacob does? I’m sure you already know.

It’s everywhere. All over his adorable outfit, all over the sling, all over the blanket. The pants were salvageable, the shirt not so much. Let’s hope it comes out of the sling as I’d rather not have the constant reminder everyday for the next year…the changing pad, yuck. But don’t worry I still have mountains of laundry left to do in the next TWO days, I’ll just throw it in there!

Did I mention that I threw his burp cloths in the wash last night and forgot to get them out of the dryer this morning? I also forgot nursing pads…this shall be interesting. But at least I remembered more diapers! Have to hold on to the little things…

Meanwhile my head is still a fog and all I want to do is crawl in bed and finally cry over my Grandma and then go to sleep till it’s all better. But I’m at work and Christmas is 8 days away. There’s 4 Christmases to plan for and pack for and wash for and shop for and SOME THING’S GOTTA GIVE!

Dear Santa,

I’m sorry I don’t believe in you anymore, but if you can forgive that I’d really just like to sleep for a week. Maybe the elves can watch my children, and Mrs. Clause can do the laundry….just a suggestion though. I really don’t care how you make it happen as long as they’re all alive still when I wake up.

That’s all. Thank you.


so flippin tired