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January 2010

three going on ten

As you can see from the short sleeves…this isn’t exactly a current picture. It was this fall, right after Jacob was born. I was cleaning out the closest and found a box of my old hats. Grant found this dragon one and it was instantly his. Boy’s got good taste, it had been my favorite too.

I don’t know what it is about this picture, maybe the sophisticated smile, instead of his normal goofy grin…but he just looks so much older. It makes me happily anticipate the future with my little man, he’s no baby anymore.


feel the burn

I started working out. It was not a New Year’s Resolution. It just ended up that way. Since this is the last kid popping out of my body, I figured it’s time to get back in shape. It’s back to the dance days for me! ABS OF ALUMINUM FOIL BABY! I mean…ah…er…STEEL!  Jacob was born in September, 6 weeks recovery, a few weeks to transition back to work, thanksgiving, christmas, new years and BAM here I am working out.

What am I doing you ask? What am I doing….hmmm…can I even say. I cringe to think I’m going to have to answer that question, which is of course why I’m putting it on THE INTERNET.

I signed up for Jazzercise. *cringe*

There I said it. Maybe you’ve heard of it, ’cause your GRANDMA takes classes there! I am so not the demographic that does this. I wanted to take a dance class. But I haven’t dance since before the FIRST kid. To say I’m in shape would be a joke, and my flexibility is laughable. I’ve been in the dance crowd, there was no way I was going back the way I am right now. Jazzercise is close enough to dance and I told myself I’d do it for one year, then I’d sign up for dance classes.

Saturday morning I signed up. I stayed to the back of class and tried to follow along. It wasn’t too difficult to pick up, though it was clearly my first time. Having just read Three sets of ten on  and having NO DESIRE to look like a chocolate-flavored Blow Pop having a seizure, I decided to take it easy.

Which wasn’t to hard. To be honest I had a harder time beating down the voice in my head screaming THIS IS SO NOT COOL! But I am an adult, I don’t have to be governed by the rules of cool anymore…right?

Two days later I’m back. Monday night, home all day with the kids, to say I was highly motivated to get out would be an understatement. New instructor, a few possibly pre-menopausal women, the night was looking up. The routine was easier to pick up this time around, and with the volume up and only one country song to deal with, I actually found myself getting into it. About half way through I realized I was having too much fun, I needed to tone it down, but by then I was already into it, I couldn’t stop, the momentum was going, and an hour later I thought, I AM GOING TO DIE TOMORROW.


When: o dark thirty this morning

Where: Grant’s bed

Who: Me and Jena (wow and I’m the English major…I didn’t get much sleep ok? See ‘when’)

Me: I’m going back to sleep Jena. *roll over and close my eyes*

Jena: stop it! STOP IT MOMMY! *beats me in the head with her hand*

Me: Jena it’s too early, just lay down and go to sleep with mommy.

Jena: *immediately responds by cracking her head against my skull and then leaving it there in her efforts ‘sleep with mommy’*

being knocked unconscious is the new sleep.

Jacob giggles!

I have been trying to get this on video for over a month now. Every time I turn on the camera we go from smiley laughing baby to deer in the headlights…or baby in the orange camera light as the case might be…same difference. Turns out you just need two people, one to man (or woman) the camera, and one to distract Jacob from the camera.

For the record I’m the one behind the camera, not the one making a fool out of myself to make him laugh. Not that I haven’t made a fool out of myself to make him laugh…I’m just saying.

Many thanks to Neil for eliciting the giggles. I’m sure I’ll be the most frequent watcher of this one once Jacob’s in childcare.

or something like that

Yesterday on the way to church we had on the Christian station, Z 88.3. We never listen to that station, but on the way to church it always manages to find it’s way on the radio. We’re horrible, I know.

So their slogan comes on ‘Positive Hiiiiits…Z 88.3!’ Grant gets all excited. Kinda confusing to us. Then he busts out with…”They just said BOZ HITS on the RADIO!”

If you don’t recall, my children are slightly obsessed with Boz, see here for reference. I guess that whole selective hearing thing starts young.

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