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February 2010

snip snip

It is finished. Our biological family that is. To clear things up a bit, I have no issues with some day, down the road, eventually, expanding our family. But it will not be through me. I am done being pregnant, for a number of reasons, reasons I may detail later. I have done my contribution to society. There are plenty of children out there that need homes, if we want more, they are there.

I’m not sure how to go about detailing things, I’m feeling very uninspired, which is tragic really. You have no idea how much begging and pleading went into making this post a reality. And here I sit at a loss for words.

I think I’ll start with the doctor. Neil found himself a hippie doctor. Dr. Stein, a man after my own heart. He is a full-blown urologist who has decided to do only vasectomies. Why you ask? He feels it’s his greatest contribution to the environment. He’s saving the world from overpopulation through stopping as many unwanted pregnancies as he can, before they start. I’m not concerned about overpopulation myself, but the man’s got a cause. You gotta respect that. He’s a highly successful doctor that drives a 20-year-old car because it still works and he doesn’t want to add it to a landfill. There was an article written about him, you can find it here. It’s very interesting, and made me like the guy even more.

I’m don’t know what I expected going into this appointment, but watching the guys walk out afterwards surprised me. They all just sauntered out like nothing had happened. I guess I was expecting there to be SOME noticeable change…a slow walk, a slight limp, the way I walked after giving birth to our 9 lbs first-born. I got the sense the other guys in the waiting room were reassured by that walk.

It was also interesting to note the amount of happy women in this waiting room. The women were positively glowing, and I can completely understand. After years of carrying the burden of birth control and always having that nagging worry in the back of your head to have your guy step up and take the responsibility out of your hands is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. I was most definitely one of those elated women in the waiting room.

There’s a very large soapbox I could jump on right now about men and the stigma about this procedure, about guys that want to push major surgery on their women. But I’m trying very hard to stay off that soapbox. So for tonight I’ll leave you with this. I’m very glad I married a real man.

poop again, what else.

Due to the fun ‘older child regression’ syndrome, we have spent the last 5 months making up for all the time ‘lost’ when Jacob was born, in a number of areas. Potty training was the worst. It’s been going pretty good for the last month or so, but we’d still have to remind him, he didn’t want to poop in the potty, and few other things I’ll leave out.

The last week or so has been wonderful though. He’s gone without us even asking, even said he needed to go when we were out somewhere, which never happens, and has started pooping on the potty for a reward. But this morning, he went poop on the potty without me even asking and with no promised reward. In fact he didn’t even ask for a reward when he was done, and he washed his own hands and put his underwear back on, all by hisself.

I was so excited I had to facebook Neil and tell him. When Grant got up from his nap, I told him that daddy saw what I told him, and he was very proud of him too. Even some of my friends were proud of him. Then he turns to me and says. “Mommy your friends like to go poo poo too?”

laundry. pain. iPod!

It’s been a while, I KNOW. We went to my in-laws this past weekend, and I did not prepare the week before like I should have. Not even my new super charged exercised self could fly through this week unscathed. I have been drowning in every way imaginable. Thankfully we left the house clean, not that you’d be able to tell now…I’ve also had to go out every night for one thing or another…and then there’s the laundry, OH MY WORD. You don’t skip a week around here without paying for it. Think about it. There are five. Add up all the clothes we’ve worn in a day, especially a cold one, and you’ve got almost an entire load…right there. That doesn’t include towels, and sheets, and baby blankets…all of which are quite nasty and being used anyway I might add.  Thank God for my MIL who washed the kids PJs while we were up there or they would have frozen to death the past few nights. When a kid wakes up telling you they’re wet, even I won’t reuse the jammers.

There is an up side to the laundry fiasco though! I discovered I now fit in my size 6 work pants. Yippie! Though saying they fit is really stretching it a bit, they did zip AND  button. I rest my case. It was 30 degrees out there, even their ‘fit’ was better than a skirt.

On a totally random note I realized why my knees, ankles, legs in general have been hurting me so much lately. I was thinking it was the exercising or maybe the weather or maybe I pulled something or Jacob’s just getting heavier or….Gpt any guesses?

Shoes. It was my shoes. I only had one pair I could wear after I got the tattoo at Christmas and I just kinda kept wearing them, even after it healed. The problem is they’re semi-cute shoes, and any woman can tell you that any kind of cute shoe is trouble. Looks like it’s back to the butt ugly sketchers…boo.

In other news. My rock awesome sister bought me the new iPod nano. I’m totally stoked. I don’t get this kind of jumpy giddy excited very often, but I tell you I am jumpy giddy excited. And she bought it just because. Because she’s awesome and I’m awesome and you wish she was your sister but she’s not, she’s mine, all mine I tell you. Moving on.

This thing does EVERYTHING.  It’s rock awesome red, because part of the proceeds were donated to Project Red that helps fight AIDS in Africa which just makes it more awesome. I’ve named her Jewel, she’s charging next to me as we speak. I have a feeling you may be hearing about her again.

feel the burn part 2

I’m torn between giving you an update on *cough* Jazzercise *cough cough* or transcribing 100 times ‘are we almost to grandma and grandpa’s yet?’ The second may be more entertaining for you, but I’m not sure I want to relive the experience right now.

There actually isn’t much to tell on the exercise front. I’m not dead, I’m walking normally again, and I’m not even sore. It only took three weeks for my legs to work properly again.

I’ll have to admit going to class the second, third, and fourth time I was feeling a bit like a sadist. I could barely use my thighs and the only thing these instructors have in common is an obsession with thigh work. We do squats, we do lunges, we squat while we do arm work, we lunge while we do weight work, we do leg lifts and thigh exercises on the floor. After only three weeks I feel like I could lift the car off Neil with my legs…you know should a occassion arise.

Outside of the one time I accidentally went to the step class (I thought my thighs were dying when I walked into that class, upon walking out I realized they’d only had the flu before), I’ve been able to keep up and catch on to the moves relatively well.

I really hadn’t anticipating liking it this much, but I haven’t had to force myself to go yet. I actually want to go. I feel stronger, less stressed, more awake, even more positive! Everything is getting done faster and doesn’t even feel like as much work, heck I don’t even have to sleep as much to operate at semi-functional level. It’s been wonderful.

I have a feeling my posts will suffer, because, really, who wants to listen to one of THOSE people? Those happy, upbeat people who do everything. I’m turning into one of them, they’ve sucked me in, I may have to turn this blog over to the kids.

Speaking of which, they just returned home, I better end this before it’s too late. You’ve been spared two hours of chain reaction crying and 100 ‘are we almost to Grandpa and Grandma’s?’ You can thank me for that one later.

god said so

Conversation around the lunch table today.

Grant: did God makes us to sleeps?

Me: Yes he did. He made our bodies to get better when we sleep.

Grant: God made us to poo poo too, an when God says to poo poo, youd better do it!

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